The Wayfinders are a race of long-lived nomads. Created by Kereth from his own blood, and the ashes of a wildfire, The Wayfinders stand around 7 feet and are possessed of a grace and purity of purpose that makes most other mortal races see them as trustworthy.

The Wayfinders wander the world and sail the oceans, exploring and charting the many facets of the world they live upon. They share this knowledge with other mortal races, and are often contracted as guides and guards. They can live up to 1,000 years, and through that time, continue to gain knowledge and skills. It is a rare Wayfinder who settles in one place for more than a few years at a time, as they are always called to explore and adventure.

Over the course of their life, each Wayfinder will likely meet all of the mortal races, find friends and sometimes mates among them, and learn the skills and knowledge of each of the races. A Wayfinder older than 300 years is a formidable adversary for any mortal. Still, they prefer to avoid conflict, like their creator, and have a deep and abiding respect for nature and the creatures that live in it.

Wayfinders form connections with many mortal races, and provided that biology allows it, often form romantic pairings with those mortals. The only way for a Wayfinder to have children of his or her own race is to find another Wayfinder. In the course of their long life, Wayfinders will likely have only 5-6 children, as each one is given almost a century worth of time to learn and grow with their parents. Even while raising a newborn, the Wayfinder couple will continue travelling and exploring. Once the child has reached maturity (75 years), the couple almost inevitably parts ways with each other and the child. They often never meet again.

Concepts Introduced

  • Navigation – Wayfinders are the premier navigators of the world, and make it a point to explore all available land. They are the first to forge into unknown territory, making paths for other mortal races.
  • Ooze Bending – Wayfinders carry ooze in a jar on their back. They are capable of manipulating this ooze to whatever effect they choose.
  • Compass – Wayfinders carry a compass that unerringly points to the Incunabula. This enhances their already nigh-unfailing sense of direction and navigation.
  • Kereth’s Chosen – When Wayfinders die, their body dissolves back to the ash they were originally born from. Their soul goes directly to the Soul Fields, bypassing the Lantern and it’s memory wiping effects.
  • The Twisting Path – The Wayfinders embrace the divine martial art of The Twisting Path, which involves predicting the movements and actions of your opponent, and using non-fatal stave techniques to incapacitate, rather than kill.
    *Dragon Chosen – Wayfinders can be chosen by Ooze Dragons as companions. This bond increases the power of both, and can only be severed by death. While Dragon chosen, Ooze Dragons can fly.


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