Vulture Tribe

Organization: Tribe Vulture is a bit of an amalgam of other tribes. Many that have lost their Beast due to war, plague or simply bad luck seek out the Vulture Tribe, searching for another chance. There are, of course, those that are born into Vulture but, even years after being established for many years, a great number of Vulture come as broken Toraq searching for another chance.

Vulture has no specific location that they call home. Like the Wayfinders they are so commonly with, Vulture are perpetual wanderers. They may stay in a location for a few days yet they always end up wandering once more. In addition, the tribe is rarely in one piece, instead fragmenting in order to allow them to roam more.

Vulture is one of the most empathetic of the Toraq tribes. Unlike the others, raiding is almost nonexistant for this group. While they are all skilled warriors simply due to their nature they see no need to abuse that fact. The exception, as always, is made for Alerauns. Most merchants receive protection from Vulture at little cost beyond food as they wander.

Finally, Vulture primarily worships Kereth the Pathfinder. Due to this they hold great respect for Wayfinders. Among the Vulture it is their right of passage to complete a journey with a Wayfinder. Some return to the tribes soon after to roam but a fair number remain with a Wayfinder for the rest of their life.

Attributes: While Vulture possesses the typical Toraq strength, speed, stamina, agility and cunning there are two traits that set them apart from the whole.

The first is their nearly supernatural ability to sense death. Whether it’s a beast in the bushes, an opponent on the battlefield or a fellow member of the tribe, one of Vulture is always able to identify those near death. While it is both a blessing and a curse, Vulture makes good use of it.

The second trait is their endurance. While they aren’t the strongest or fastest of the Toraq they can quite literally fight for days without rest. Sleep is a rare need for Vulture, food and drink almost rarer still. It is said that with a single meal a Vulture could cross all of Galvastia. Whether this is true of hyperbole is unknown but it doesn’t seem far off.

Beast: Beasts of Vulture are, of course, vultures. Compared to other species the Beasts are changed little physically. While they are a bit larger, Vulture’s primary change is how much more intelligent they become. They become excellent fliers as well and are exceedingly skilled at maneuvering through the sky.

Blood Weapons: For whatever odd reason, Vulture is unable to create a true Blood Weapon. Whether it is the bond, the loss of their Beast or something else that is to blame, Vulture may not create a solid Blood Weapon.

What they do have, however, is training by Wayfinders. While a Blood Weapon may only be pulled back to the body of a Toraq, with a Beast flying overhead and a Toraq below the Weapon could be hypothetically pulled in any direction. The Toraq and Beast both have specialized in pulling at the blood from any part of their body, allowing the two to create a Blood Weapon that is strikingly similar to Ooze Bending. While they can solidify the blood into indistinct shapes when needed the primary use if for the nearly unstoppable defense provided by the blood.

Leadership: Valdris is one of the few Toraq that can truly understand how important life is, mostly due to his loss of his Beast some years ago. This has led to him and the Vulture tribe as a whole being far more peaceful than the others. He has a supreme respect for the Wayfinders for an obvious reason, creating more than a simple alliance between the two.

Vulture Tribe

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