Underking Tharlock

“The solution will be either their deaths, or their integration into my Skizzblight!” – Tharlock, King-Under-the-Caves

Summary: Underking Tharlock is the Lord and Master of the Skizzik War-Clans. He represents the Skizziks’ overwhelming drive to succeed and infest all they see. Almost 99% of Skizziks owe their loyalty in one way or another to him, and those that don’t soon will.

Age: 89 Prime Material Years.
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Tharlock is in the prime of his life. He is enormous for a Skizzik, standing nearly six feet three inches tall when not in the hunched posture characteristic of his species. He is broad-shouldered, and his fur is a rich dark brown. His luxurious coat bears no scars or imperfections, as he has never been touched in combat. His eyes gleam with a feral intelligence that far surpasses that of most Skizziks. His claws are sharpened to deadly points, allowing him to kill almost as easily with his hands as with his prized Halberd or Longbow.

Powers: Tharlock is a demigod by birth, and is both the apex Skizzik, and infused with the blood of the Vermin Queen. As such, he is stronger, faster, and smarter than any Skizzik in Skizzblight. He is untouched in combat, his luxurious coat of fur bearing no scars or imperfections. The King-Under-the-Caves is a master of claw-to-claw and Polearm combat.

Personality: Tharlock is by far one of the most ambitious mortals on the face of the Prime Material. He is ruthless, cunning, and brutal; and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He does not tolerate insubordination, and punishes it harshly. However, when he recognizes someone as an equal, he treats them with dignity and respect, unwilling to offend potential allies. Despite being perfectly capable of doing most things for himself, he is more than willing to let his slaves and attendants do things for him in an attempt to fool others into thinking him lazy and foolish.

Inventory: Tharlock wears a suit of armor, made from the hide of Cave Lizards and iron plates. The armor integrates a pike, with the head of Warlord Mikz, Tharlock’s first conquest, impaled upon it. He carries a vicious glaive made of bone and finely crafted Plaguesteel, and a fine longbow made by The Laughing Child himself.

Organizations: Tharlock is Underking of the Skizzik War-Clans, and thus is the highest ranking Skizzik in the universe. He is also nominal leader of the Stormvermin, and messiah of the [[;The Plaguepriests of Lepros | Plaguepriests]].

1 DSC: Tharlock is born from the union of the Goddess Naer’Va, and Koris, one of the oldest, and therefore strongest, Skizziks in Skizzblight. He is raised by his Mother for a year, before she leaves him to lead the Skizzik people to greatness.
1 DSC: Tharlock ascends to the rank of Warlord of Clan Typhos, and his Clan is instrumental in the construction of the ‘Free’ City of Lepros, Capital of Skizzblight.
2 DSC: Tharlock meets The Laughing Child in UnderGalvastia, and learns of the Blood-Father Artoran. The Laughing Child teaches Clan Typhos of weapons and warfare, and aids Tharlock in conquering Lepros.
2 DSC: Tharlock ascends to the throne of Skizzblight, becoming first King-Under-the-Caves. He acquires the fealty of all Warlords in Skizzblight after slaying Warlord Mikz of Clan Dryre.
3 DSC: Tharlock acquires the knowledge of ‘Laws’ from the Arbiters of Rhanor, and institutes Slavery in Skizzblight. The resulting boom in forced labor allows Tharlock to pursue many avenues of interest at once, instead of focusing his manpower on building the Temple of Temples.
4 DSC: Tharlock sends an envoy of Skizzik Warriors and his two Chief Arbiters to the Crucible, to entreat with the Skizziks there who worship Scarto. While on the surface this is a diplomatic venture, Tharlock will not accept no for an answer.
6 DSC: Tharlock orders the armies of Skizzblight assembled, and begins preparations for an invasion of the surface world.
7 DSC: Tharlock fully taps into his divine blood, channeling both the consciousness and power of his mother. His might increases significantly.

Underking Tharlock

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