Toraq Beasts

Physique: A Toraq Beast is an animal bonded to a specific Toraq. In nearly every regard they are identical to a typical specimen of that species; a Toraq horse is incredibly similar to a typical horse. However, a Toraq horse, even a weak one, would be far superior to even the best horse created by humans.

However, a Toraq Beast is not simply the best possible specimen of that species, they are also intelligent. Incredibly so. While incapable of speech, a Toraq Beast has an intellect comparable to or greater than a human. This, coupled with their intrinsic bond to their Toraq companion makes a Toraq Beast far more deadly than any other animal.

Life Cycle: A Toraq Beast has the same initial lifespan as a typical member of that species. However, at birth, when a Toraq and their Beast become bonded the Beast begins to undergo the changes to enhance its capabilities. In addition, a Toraq Beast can live every bit as long as its companion, sometimes even longer.

Diet: A Toraq Beast has an identical diet to the typical species.

Mentality: A Toraq Beast tends to be similar in beliefs to its companion, simply because both share an empathetic bond. They are entirely loyal to their companion but it is not slavery; the Beast wishes to protect its companion and serve them, just as the Toraq strives to serve and protect its Beast.

Concepts: Toraq Beasts share all the concepts that the Toraq have access to, although there are some, such as archery, that they are clearly not able to make use of nearly as well.

Toraq Beasts

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