Physique: The Toraq range anywhere from a humble five feet to a towering eight, depending on the tribe and the animal they’re bonded to. Nearly every Toraq has a perfect body, covered in muscle. They’re incredibly lithe and quick, especially for their size. In basic appearance all Toraq are somewhat similar, tending towards darker skin and white hair although each tribe has its own specific physical traits.

Even an unbonded Toraq has far greater capabilities than a human. They’re faster, stronger, more hardy, quicker and certainly more clever. They also have enhanced senses, allowing them a keen sense of smell, excellent hearing and even some limited vision in the dark. They’re more resistant to disease and poison than a common human as well. For the Toraq it is as if nature itself has selected the best traits in nature in order to create the most perfect warrior.

Life Cycle: The Toraq life cycle is simple; conception, birth, growth and, eventually, death. In this regard they are very similar to a common human.

However, there are key differences. Toraq are not fertile all year. They have a mating season that perfectly matches their bonded animal, as well as the gestation period. The Toraq and the bonded animal mature at the same rate. Upon reaching maturity a Toraq can live sixty years or more, assuming that they are not killed in combat.

Diet: Toraq tend to adopt a diet somewhat similar to their bonded animals. For example, while the Horse Tribe may not eat grass they do eat far more vegetables than their normal Toraq kin. There is also the small detail of the Toraq eating their defeated enemies to gain their strength. Whether or not this method is effective or not is questionable.

Mentality: While many give the Toraq bestial traits due to their nature, the Toraq have a fairly strong pack mentality. Each Tribe is extremely loyal to their own, protecting all as their kin. The Toraq have no formal concept of marriage, instead taking mates for a season. The relationships are not simply sexual; there is actual compassion between the two and, as a joint body, the two raise the child.

However, there is little cohesion between the Toraq as a whole. They are more than willing to wage war against another Tribe for a slight, imagined or real, in order to gain honor or resources.

Animal Bonds: All Toraq are bonded to their specific beast, or totem. The two have a bond that transcends a simple master/pet relationship. The two are almost a single creature in two bodies, communicating without speech. The Toraq also gain some traits based on their companion; for example, a Toraq with a horse would have incredible speed and endurance. These changes are slight, more modifications than anything; a turtle-bonded Toraq would not grow a shell but they could have incredibly tough skin.

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