Divine Standard Count

Because of the way deities see the world across this wiki a different count is upheld to signify the passing of time. This count is signified by the acronym DSC and increases by one after each rollover.

The Age of Creation

The age of creation started at 0 DSC and hasn’t ended yet. The following events took place during the Age of Creation.


  • Aetherys creates an as of yet unnamed continent.
  • Attraxxii forms the Eyes of the Forsaken, a set of 5 moons floating over creation.
  • Celestine creates the sun.
  • Merajh creates the Merfolk and the Coral Crown.
  • Kereth creates Kereth’s Lantern to help him guide the mortals. He also creates the Soul Fields as a temporary afterlife for the dead.
  • Lady Aleru creates humanity and raises Calderis Honorshield from them as a hero to rule over the Kingdom of Galvastia.
  • Domi creates the plane of Kreaxe as an afterlife for good warriors and the Guardians a race of angelic beings.
  • Nester helps a human develop the concept of basic tools.


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