The Plaguepriests of Lepros



The Plaguepriests of Lepros are a religious order based in the Underworld of Skizzblight. They are extremely influential within the Skizzik War-Clans, often commanding the same respect as Underking Tharlock. Being the spiritual guides for millions of Skizziks, the Plaguepriests can be found in every major Skizzik settlement.

Plaguepriests hierarchy is relatively simple. The Order is led by the Council of Thirteen, which consists of twelve High Priests, and one Hierophant. The Hierophant is the most powerful Plaguepriest, and leads the Council from the Grand Temple in Lepros. High Priests are leaders of lesser temples, and they are numbered One through Twelve. The Twelfth High Priest is the second most powerful Skizzik Priest in all of Skizzblight, following the Hierophant. The First High Priest is the weakest of the council, holding the least amount of influence over the Church’s interests. The ‘number’ of a High Priest is dependent on the strength of his Monks and Acolytes. Those who have too few, or weak Acolytes and Monks are considered lower in the hierarchy than those with more powerful and numerous Monks and Acolytes.

Skizzik Pantheon as Determined by the Council of Thirteen:
- Naer’Va, Goddess of Life and Vermin. Naer’Va is considered the most important deity of the Pantheon.
- Artoran, God of War, Struggle, and Bloodshed. If Naer’Va is the most important, Artoran is second most important. The Stormvermin consider Artoran to be as important as Naer’Va, if not more important.
- Kereth, God of the Afterlife and Reincarnation. Kereth is tied for second most important with Artoran to most Skizziks, who view him as their foster father. Notable is the fact that Kereth is worshipped as a candle’s comforting glow rather than a brilliant guiding lantern.
- Scarto, God of Knowledge and Learning. Scarto is paid only lip service by most Skizziks, but the Priests of Progress and the Skizziks of Crucible consider him to be as important as Naer’Va.
- The Dark One, God of Death and Magic. The Dark One is worshipped mostly by the Plaguepriests of Lepros, though mages and gravediggers throughout Skizzblight pay him respect.
- Mekhet, God of Innovation and Curiosity. Skizziks of Clan Brighttail put the most faith in Mekhet out of all Skizzblight, meanwhile the Plaguepriests are still debating whether to officially add Mekhet to the Skizzik Pantheon.

Members of the Council of Thirteen:
- Ratsputin, Number Thirteen, Ratsputin is current Hierophant of the Order.
- Unknown, Number Twelve.
- Unknown, Number Eleven. High Priest of Karthax
- Unknown, Number Ten.
- Unknown, Number Nine.
- Unknown, Number Eight.
- Unknown, Number Seven.
- Unknown, Number Six. High Priest of Pestilas
- Unknown, Number Five.
- Unknown, Number Four.
- Unknown, Number Three.
- Unknown, Number Two.
- Unknown, Number One. High Priest of Great Lakes

Available Concepts: Weapons, Archery, Ritual Sacrifice, Murder, Slavery, Plaguesteel, Necromancy, Clerical Magic, Sorcery, Fleshcrafting

- 4 DSC: The Plaguepriests are founded by Underking Tharlock in an attempt to both improve loyalty to the Skizzik Religion, and by proxy him; and gain Skizzblight some much-needed Magical Advantage.
- 5 DSC: Ratsputin, Hierophant of the Plaguepriests, succeeds in contacting a god in an effort to gain magical boons for the Skizziks. Mirmulnir answers, though does not give his name, and tasks Ratsputin with gathering knowledge in exchange for a boon. He declares he will return in one week. Ratsputin adds Mirmulnir to the Skizzik Pantheon, under the name ‘The Dark One’; Mirmulnir becomes the patron god of magic to the Skizziks.
- 6 DSC: The High Priest of Great Lakes, during his preparations for war against the surface, discovers that the Plaguepriests can use their faith to call down miracles from the gods. Clerical Magic becomes a central part of the Plaguepriests’ repertoire.
- 7 DSC: During the First Grand Rally at Lepros, Hierophant Ratsputin unveils the Flesh Golems, further cementing the Plaguepriests as integral parts of the Skizzik power base.

The Plaguepriests of Lepros

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