The Laughing Child

AHAHAHAHA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! – The Laughing Child, following a kill.

Summary: The Child is Artoran’s primary hero upon the mortal plane, carrying out his will in blood and war. The Laughing Child shares a bond with the Red Gem as well, the Gem being an intrinsic part of his nature.

Age: ???
Gender: Male

Physical Description: The Child has been a man for countless years now. While he is not the tallest among the Toraq, standing about 6’ high, few are able to match the sheer muscle mass The Child has. Somehow his massive bulk is coupled with extreme grace and fluidity of movement, making The Child’s body quite literally a weapon in of itself. His skin is dark with a clear red tint to it as is the rest of his body. The entire construct is wracked from scars caused from rebuilding himself time and time again. When it comes to hair The Child has none; quite often he destroys himself before it can grow long enough to be of consequence.

Powers: The Child is essentially the creator or Warlord’s Wrath. When under its effects The Child is one of the mightiest beings on the planet and can ignore almost all pain. In addition, he has been blessed with Artoran’s Pure Blood, making him next to invincible. The Child is also an expert at nearly all forms with combat, whether it be unarmed, armed or anything in between.

Personality: The Child may or may not be insane. He loves slaughter and bloodshed and can nearly always be identified by his distinctive laugh as he does so. However, despite his love for killing, The Child will put that aside when it comes to his primary goal; destroying mankind. He will work with the Skizzik, swim with the merfolk, even eat vegetables with the ents if they will aid in destroying mankind. He hates them with all his being for what their god did to his Father.

Also, he’s a cannibal.

Inventory: The Child currently carries the Red Gem. The Gem is essentially what The Child stands for, being a tool of death and destruction. He also possesses a wide array of various weapons he has crafted himself.

Organizations: Toraq Wilders

Divine Martial Arts: Warlord’s Wrath, Flow of Sparks, Warrior of Two Skins

0 DSC – The Laughing Child is born
1 DSC – The Child used the Red Gem to stir Galvastia to war, forcing Galvastia to quite literally tear itself apart.
2 DSC – The Child uses the Red Gem to force mankind to assault goblin-kind and instil a deep hatred of humans in the goblin people.
2 DSC – The Child aids Warlord Tharlock in taking control of the Skizzik War-Clans and teaches them of weapons.
3 DSC – The Child returns to the surface, discovering Archery on the wya
3 DSC – The Child forces two human villages to slaughter one another, creating the first of the Toraq Wilders
3 DSC – The Child becomes a Red Beast

The Laughing Child

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