The Furies


The Furies are great terrible creatures that are generally in their bestial form and are great monstrous winged beasts that can tear apart any enemy in mere seconds. They are carnivorous, eating only fresh meat. They posses claws on the ends of their wings with which they can slash enemies with, as well as the talons on their feet and the fangs in their mouths, which drip with a poison that paralyzes any enemy within minutes, depending on the size.

They reproduce the way that mammals would, the male inseminates the female and the female carries the baby for five months until the baby is fully grown. The baby then stays with the mother for the first two years of its life, until it is completely ready to hunt on its own and protect itself. Once it leaves the nest, it takes a further year to mature, at which point it is sexually active and can reproduce.

The culture amongst the Furies is essentially a matriarchy. The oldest living Fury is the matriarch of them all, as it proves great strength and cunning to their kind, for they have not yet died from being too foolish and haven’t been bettered by any of their fellows.

The Furies

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