A Skizzik Plaguepriest readying a sorcerous spell for battle.

Summary: Sorcery is a method of using magic that requires force of will, intelligence, and memory. Spells of Sorcery are often considered dark or evil, largely because they draw upon poison, plague, and death as the mediums for their effects. Most sorcerous spells that can be used to attack someone cause undue amounts of pain.

Sorcery can be used in a myriad number of ways. From slinging balls of unholy fire, to making a muscle atrophy in seconds, to summoning a cloying darkness to blind your foe, Sorcery is the go-to magic for the dark mage. The most powerful of Sorcerers can simply divorce soul and body, killing someone instantly.

Sorcery is applied in a few different ways. Most often, it is simply a few magic words and waves of the hand to procure magical energy from the background of reality, and then shaping it into an effect ranging from fire to blindness to ripping a small hole in space and pulling something through. Another oft-used method of Sorcery is imbuing magical energy into an item and shaping it into a self-sustaining effect. This can range from making swords burst into flame, to hardening armor, to allowing an ax to chop through a tree in a single blow.

The strongest of Sorcerers are capable of summoning and using magical energy with but a thought, though this is dangerous. Thinking to use magic can often backfire if your thoughts stray. If for example you accidentally think of your friend while focusing on setting your foe alight, you may find your friend burst into flames instead.

Gods with Access: Mirmulnir, Naer’Va
Societies/Organizations with Access: The Plaguepriests of Lepros, Quark
Variations: N/A


Lords of Creation: Ancients of the Void Darklady2831 Darklady2831