Physical Appearance: Skizziks are humanoid rat people. They stand roughly five and a half feet tall on average, but their hunched posture makes them appear only five feet tall. All but their palms, feet, and faces are covered in thick, shaggy fur. This fur insulates them in cold environments, and serves as padding against light blows. All Skizziks have a prehensile tail, which is anywhere from two to three feet long. Their teeth are jagged and sharp, and their front two teeth are much longer than the others. All four limbs end in sharp nails, allowing for both natural climbing aptitude, and combat when otherwise disarmed.


Life Cycle: Skizziks are born in litters of anywhere from a dozen to sixty. They mature in roughly a year, growing rapidly to sexual maturity. While Skizziks come in both male and female sexes, the two are virtually indistinguishable except to another Skizzik. A female Skizzik can bear a litter roughly once every year and a half, allowing for eight months of pregnancy and seven months of child-rearing. The average life expectancy for a Skizzik is only five years, though they are capable of living considerably longer if they survive. A Skizzik’s maximum lifespan is roughly a hundred and twenty years, though only two or three Skizziks in a generation will live to see such an age.

Diet: Skizziks will eat almost anything. When they get hungry, anything organic is food. They have a very high tolerance for toxins, and are known to eat poisonous mushrooms as snacks. Such is their hunger, that if a Skizzik’s friend is killed, the Skizzik will eat him. In fact, cannibalism is not even thought about in Skizzik society. In their minds, anyone who won’t eat their fallen brethren is just being wasteful.

Mentality: Skizziks are pack animals to the core. They find safety in numbers, and when they’re in a horde of friends, they feel almost no fear. However, when singled out they are fearful and cowardly. Skizzik society maintains that it is the right of those who rule to run away and live to fight another day.

Skizzik leaders are the largest, fastest, and strongest of the bunch. They rise to power by blackmailing, bullying, and killing their opposition. It is not unheard of for a Skizzik Chieftain to succeed his predecessor by eating him.


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