Skizzik War-Clans


Description: Skizzik War-Clans are the governing bodies of the Skizzik Society. Almost every Skizzik belongs to a Clan, and in this way loyalties can be roughly discerned; a Skizzik of Clan Dryre does not work under the same leaders as a Skizzik from Clan Munga, after all.

Clans are led by a Warlord. To work your way to the top involves murder, blackmail, theft, and more than one count of cannibalism. Thus, Warlords are generally the largest, meanest, and most cunning Skizziks of a group. Under the Warlords rule Chieftains. Chieftains command hordes of Skizziks, and live in relative luxury. Under the Chieftains are all manner of sub-ranks that vary from warband to warband. Under all those ranks, lies the Skizz-Slaves. These are Skizziks who have lost the right to be Skizziks. They are the most destitute, malnourished, weak, and cowardly of all Skizziks. They are treated like pack animals by other Skizziks, and in battle are driven in front of a Horde, used as fodder to tire out the enemy.

There are several dozen Clans, but the most powerful Clans take up more than four fifths of the Skizzik population. Clan Typhos is the strongest, and its Warlord, Tharlock, is King-Under-the-Caves. All Warlords swear fealty to him, though this is often simply lip service. Warlords are mostly free to do as they please, but when the Underking calls, they are required to answer and do his bidding.

Largest Clans:
Clan Typhos: Led by Underking Tharlock, Clan Typhos is comprised of hundreds of thousands of Skizzik Warriors, weaponsmiths, and Skizz-Slaves. Tharlock commands the loyalty of hundreds of Chieftains, who are conditioned to be unswervingly loyal to the Underking.

Clan Munga: Led by Warlord Skart, Clan Munga is the main supplier of Slaves for Skizzblight. They are almost religious in their pursuit of criminals to enslave, and they procure much of their food through bartering slaves.

Clan Dryre: Currently Warlord-less, Clan Dryre is made up of some of the fastest, sneakiest Skizziks in Skizzblight. They are good spies, and many Clan Dryre Skizziks act as information brokers through the lightless caverns of Skizzblight.

Available Concepts: Weapons, Archery, Ritual Sacrifice, Murder, Slavery, Agriculture, Plaguesteel, Water Distillation, Barter, Calendars, Alchemy, Fleshcrafting

Laws: Skizzik law is both brutal and unforgiving, as well as strangely lenient. Misdeeds among the general populace are generally ignored, resulting in rampant thievery, assault, and murder. This has been unchanged since ancient times, and many Skizziks die because others are hungry. However, committing crimes against Regional or Clan Warlords, or the Underking, is punished harshly.
- Thievery from Warlords or the Underking is punished by enslavement. Killing or harming slaves belonging to a Warlord or the Underking is counted as thievery, and is punished with Enslavement.
- Assault against the warriors or workers of Warlords or the Underking is punished by Enslavement. Assault against the Warlords or the Underking themselves is punished by death.
- Murdering the personal attendants of a Warlord of the Underking is punished by Death.
- Rebellion against the Underking is punished by Death of the leaders and enslavement of any others involved. Rebellion against Warlords is only punished if it fails. If a rebellion against a Warlord succeeds, the Rebels take over the Warlord’s Clan.

1 DSC: The Skizzik War-Clans form from the chaos of their race’s creation. The Strongest Skizziks in a group establish their authority through brutality and violence, and then cement it by giving loyal brutes command of smaller groups.
1 DSC: Clans Munga, Typhos, and Dryre grow larger by defeating the leaders of smaller clans and absorbing their membership, they rapidly grow in size until they represent four fifths of all Skizziks.
2 DSC: Clan Typhos gains the upper hand when their Warlord, Tharlock meets The Laughing Child
2 DSC: Clan Typhos becomes the dominant Clan when their Warlord ascends to the Throne of King-Under-the-Caves. Underking Tharlock is Iron-fisted in his rule.
2 DSC: Clan Dryre loses its Warlord in Tharlock’s coup, and is reduced severely. The remaining Skizzik Chieftains squabble for the title of Warlord, but are unable to attain it. Clan Dryre becomes a source of rogues and assassins for hire, and becomes Skizzblight’s biggest information broker.
2 DSC: Skizziks from dozens of Clans band together and flee the chaos of Tharlock’s coup, those who survive settle beneath the Crucible, effectively becoming their own Clan. Skizzblight loses contact with this new Clan even before it is formed.
3 DSC: Skizzik law is established and enforced by the Arbiters of Rhanor. Slavery becomes a common punishment for offences against influential members of the Clans, and a large slave caste soon forms.
5 DSC: Skizziks are seen on the surface for the first time in history. On orders of the Underking, many smaller Clans begin tunneling and mining missions upwards, and end up breaching the surface in Verenzano and Kar’ecna’diar. The small Skizzik army at Verenzano is challenged by Toraq worshipers of Artoran and lose, thus retreating back to Skizzblight. At Kar’enca’diar, the small army begins to slaughter the elves.
6 DSC: The Goblins are conquered by Clan Typhos and Munga’s combined armies, and the Goblin city of Great Lakes is taken. Many goblins are enslaved and the rest are scattered. Skizziks reverse engineer Goblin technology and begin distilling various Ooze-based products and water.
7 DSC: The War-Clans begin to rally their forces in preparation for a vast invasion of the Surface World. They ally themselves with the Fiends and Infernalis.

Skizzik War-Clans

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