Plaguesteel is a quasi-magical metal that can only be made by techniques known to the Skizzik Forgemasters.

Summary: Plaguesteel is an alloy made from one part Plaguestone, five parts Iron. Plaguestone is found in large pockets in the deepest caverns of Skizzblight. Skizzik Scholars theorize that Plaguestone is the result of Divinely infused Ooze solidifying under intense pressure, though none know for sure. The metal produced by Skizzik Forgemasters using this alloy is a sickly green color, and looks almost corroded, though the metal itself is immune to corrosion. Plaguesteel weapons are highly prized for their effects on living tissue.

Plaguesteel slices through flesh as if it were particularly soft butter, and the wounds bleed more than one would expect them to. Those who don’t die of blood loss find themselves suffering from an assortment of diseases, from Red Pox, to the Blood Chills. Against Armor however, they are less effective. Against other metals and inorganic materials, Plaguesteel functions as normal Iron.

Armor made of Plaguesteel is exceedingly rare, because it offers no additional benefit over Iron or Steel. The armor that is made of Plaguesteel is often just for show, or is rather blades that are attached to armor, such as a clawed gauntlet.

Gods with Access: Naer’Va, Mirmulnir
Societies/Organizations with Access: Skizzik War-Clans, The Plaguepriests of Lepros, The Stormvermin, Quark
Variations: N/A


Lords of Creation: Ancients of the Void Darklady2831 Darklady2831