Merfolk Tribe

Organization: As the first true Toraq Tribe bonded to a sentient race, Merfolk is in an odd situation. While all tribes find themselves affected by those they bond to the effect has never been so profound as it is when in relation to this tribe.

Of all Toraq Tribes Merfolk is by far the least religious, likely due to the cynicism of the Merfolk that had been betrayed by their very own god. This leads to Merfolk being a particularly xenophobic and mistrusting lot, even among the Toraq. They spend most of their time in the island chains between Galvastia and Anval, raiding any ships that are brave enough to risk the sea. They are merciful to a point but, if you provoke their ire, expect the entire crew to drown, whether it be in the sea of their own blood.

While one might expect interbreeding between the two races the occurrence is rather rare within Merfolk. Mating with a Toraq Beast is an act beyond taboo as not only is the Beast quite literally a part of you but they are also essentially family. Interbreeding that is not among a Toraq and Beast, however, is quite common and there are many half-Toraq half-Merfolk running around within the tribe.

Most Merfolk Tribesmen tend towards a taller height as well as a very slender build. Their skin also tends to gain a slightly bluish tint, causing them to appear more similar to their Merfolk compatriots.

Attributes: Those of Merfolk are obviously extraordinary swimmers but their primary gift comes not from any physical changes but the knowledge that a Merfolk possesses.

Toraq of Merfolk have all become quite skilled at Transmuation Magic. While quite skilled their power only is functional over themselves, so while a Merfolk Tribesman may make himself have a tail of a Merfolk he may not turn lead into gold. Fortunately for a Toraq a Blood Weapon is, by definition, an aspect of themselves, meaning that the Toraqi spear may quickly become a Toraqi spear made of acid.

The Toraq have little aptitude for Storm Magic but some of the stronger find themselves imbuing their Blood Weapons with bolts of lightening, granting them a powerful asset in combat.

Beast: While not a true Beast, the Merfolk companions of the Tribe Merfolk share some traits with a more typical Toraqi Beast. They have been enhanced physically, even if their magic has suffered somewhat.

While the Toraq are the true driving force in combat their Merfolk linger behind, complementing the strength and fury of a Toraq with calculated magical strikes. They are almost as capable in melee as a Toraq yet their greater aptitude for magic relegates them to this role.

Blood Weapons: Toraq of the Tribe Merfolk like to focus on weapons that are useful both in and out of the water. Harpoons, tridents and other polearms are extremely common, especially among the Toraq members of the race. They are also fans of bows, although the heads of the arrows are oddly shaped to allow them to function in water as well as without.

Nets, however, are a favorite of the Tribe Merfolk specifically due to their wide range of uses when coupled with Transmutation magic. Most opponents don’t assume a net is a massive threat but, when coiled, it could become anything.

Leadership: Tribe Merfolk is led by Marloc, a male Toraq who was once a young, idealistic boy. Now, after years bonded to Velam he has become far more cynical and trusts very few outside his own tribe, even among the Toraq. His skin is almost entirely blue, likely due to being the true first of his kind. Marloc tends towards a long harpoon in combat and is the most skilled practicioner of Storm Magic on the Toraq side of the Beast/Toraq relationship.

Merfolk Tribe

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