The Merfolk are the first race created my Mersahj. They were made in her image and upon creation were given an artifact, The Coral Crown. The crown is said to bestow upon it’s wearer protection from harm and the ability to predict the weather several weeks in advance.

Merfolk are very quick swimmers and only the fastest among them can keep pace with some of the fastest dolphins and other sea life. All Merfolk also can access minor innate magics such as sending a small but powerful rush of water in front of them or bringing a small object to them from a short distance away.

Merfolk live for about 200 years, They grow quickly into adulthood, maturing at roughly 17, at which age they would be sent away with others of the same age to find something of value for the group to earn their place among the tribe. They call this The Scouring.

Male image by Thegryph
Female Image by Levelten


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