Lion Tribe

Organization: Most Toraq have a sort of disdain for material wealth. They claim it is a mark of lesser races, ones that need gold to bargain with the greater races to leave them alone.

Not so with Tribe Lion. They are most akin to hoarders, taking whatever gold and wealth they can find and easily amassing it. They seem to almost have a scent for gold and, following the sack of Galvastia, they have collected massive amounts of wealth. They are the only Toraq tribe to wear jewelry, most covered in mismatching and gaudy pieces, the larger the better.

Lion is more than willing to negotiate for their wealth but, at the end of they day, they’ll get their due by whatever means necessary.

Attributes: Like the cats that they have bonded to, Tribe Lion takes pride in their grace, agility and uncanny stealth. The group can slip through the grasses and woods around Verenzano without hardly a care in the world, their passage almost impossible to notice.

Of course, Lion is very much part cat. They almost always land on their feet, no matter their height, and falls hardly seem to phase them. Moving silently is the norm for them. And, like lions, both sexes are affected differently. Males become massive, hulking creatures, standing over seven feet tall on most occasions and fight as independent wrecking crews. Females, on the other hand, are smaller and far more agile and have an almost uncanny ability to work as a pack, tearing apart opponents one by one.

Beast: A typical lion is already a terrible beast. Of course, those of Tribe Lion are far more terrifying. In simple terms, the Nemean Lion is the simplest comparison. The lions are massive, golden creatures, most rivaling a horse in size. Even more, when augmented with Blood Weapons, their hide is like steel, their claws swords and their teeth a dozen lances.

Blood Weapons: Tribe Lion tends to keep fairly close to their roots in their weapons. While their long claws may seem impractical, none who have seen the lithe agility of one of Tribe Lion could argue the effectiveness of the tool. They tend to create armor that strangely resembles a lions pelt as well, the coat easily protecting those of Tribe Lion.

Leadership: Shalee and Gold are the Toraq and Beast duo that leads Tribe Lion. Both are, to put it kindly, greedy. Gold is a massive male lion that covets meat, bones and, of course, lionesses while Shalee prefers, gold, gold, gold and, of course, gold. The two, while not the most cunning of Toraq, have an aptitude from getting gold where most would expect none to exist.

Lion Tribe

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