Keth, Reaper Primarch

I will guide our people because you ask it, not because I wish this power” – Keth, on becoming the Reaper Primarch

Summary: Keth is Kereth’s Exarch on the mortal plane, guiding Reapers and Hunters, directing Masked Light when necessary, and watching directly over the Wayfinders. He shares a special bond with Kereth, being the firstborn of both Wayfinder and Reaper. As Reaper Primarch, he commands both the Reapers and the Hunter Corps with the same authority as Kereth himself.

Age: Current DSC (First 1000 Material Years as Wayfinder)
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Keth, like all Reapers, generally looks like an average member of the society he walks among. When away from mortals, he appears as an incredibly attractive and fit Wayfinder, save that he is almost always shrouded in a long cloak and hood, hiding his face.

Powers: Keth is one of the oldest beings in existence not a god, and he has spent all of his life interacting with the mortal world and with souls in one way or another. He is a master of Spirit Magic, second only to Kereth himself, and is unmatched in The Twisting Path. Keth can assume any form he wishes, and can remain unseen, as all Reapers can. He is twice infused, once with Kereth’s blood at his creation/birth, and again when he assumed the position of Reaper Primarch. His knowledge, and the raw power of the Lantern within him, makes Keth exceptionally hard to defeat, let alone kill.

Personality: Like his father, Keth cares far more for the mortal races than any other Reaper, though he rarely interferes with their lives. Keth is fiercely loyal to Kereth, and would gladly sacrifice his life for his father in an instant. Keth prefers talk to violence, though his skills in combat are in no way diminished by this. He is Guidance made flesh in the first and purest form, and his actions reflect this. He is not easily roused to anger, but such a sight is a terror and wonder to behold.

Inventory: Staff of Light – Standard Reaper Staff, capable of becoming any weapon the Reaper can imagine, in Keth’s case, empowered by his station.

Organizations: The Hunter Corps

0 DSC – Keth is born, first of the Wayfinders and begins travelling the world, offering guidance and safety to mortal races.
1 DSC – Keth dies, and his soul is taken to the Fields as the last action Kereth takes on the Material Plane.
2 DSC – Keth walks the Soul Fields, Learning of the other mortal races and watching the mortal world.
4 DSC – Keth becomes the first Reaper, helping collect the souls of mortals.
5 DSC – Keth is infused with a shard of Kereth’s Lantern, becoming the Reaper Primarch, and an Exarch of Kereth’s Power.
5 DSC – Keth stands before Iskar’Ven at the siege of Klein, defending the city against an army of Fiends and Infernalis.

Keth, Reaper Primarch

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