Hammertail Tribe

Organization: Hammertail is far removed from most of the concerns of the world. They rarely, if ever, come into contact with humans. As such they are fairly peaceful by nature, rarely quarreling with their neighbors. Hammertails as a whole tend to be slow and deliberate with their actions, rarely wasting anything.

Hammertail has been affected somewhat by their interactions with the Ut’Gal. Like the stone men the Toraq of Hammertail place a great deal of focus on hunting. Those of Hammertail are not truly considered an adult until they have slain one of the many great beasts that are so common to the countryside around Mount Halcua.

Attributes: Hammertail are stronger than most but their defining attribute is their toughness. A Hammertail can take huge amounts of punishment without hardly flinching. Attacks that would maim a Toraq of a lesser tribe may be only a hindrance to Hammertail, the march on.

Hammertail also have incredibly thick skin, bordering on being leather-like. While it is nothing compared to the natural armor of a hammertail it does more than a little to give Tribe Hammertail a little more protection.

Beast: Hammertail are bonded with the great hammertail beasts of the fields around Mount Halcua. While low to the ground, standing only about as tall as a pony, a hammertail is long, stretching over twelve feet at times.

However, their size is not their defining trait. The top of a Hammertail’s body is quite literally armor. Thick plates grow on their backs and down their sides, giving them a natural armor. On their tail these plates form a thick ball, allowing the hammertail to use their tail as a great cudgel as they bash foes away.

Blood Weapons: Tribe Hammertail prizes great round shields as their Blood Weapons. While many utilize a hammer or a cudgel in addition to it the great shields of Tribe Hammertail can withstand no small amount of punishment. They can take hit after hit, the Toraq behind it unphased.

Leadership: Ank and his hammertail Pint are the young leaders of Tribe Hammertail. Both are strong, quick and skilled in combat although neither have the patience nor the drive to handle the matters of the tribe. They spend more time hunting great beasts than those acting as a chieftain should, meaning that it is a great blessing that the tribe lives in such a fertile area.

Hammertail Tribe

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