Gecko Tribe

Organization: While many Toraqi Tribes are cruel, brutal even, the Tribe Gecko is a particularly vicious specimen. They live as if they have something to prove, likely because they know the taint of Aleruan blood is within each and every one of them, however diluted. They are in the practice of self-cutting, carving deep into their body to try to remove their shame. Some that are particularly devout cut off entire limbs, simply letting their pain speak to their devotion in Artoran. All, however, have their right arm chopped off at birth, leading to their Blood Weapon replacing said arm.

They do not shy from a fight, rushing in with almost suicidal fervor, almost as if they are well and truly insane. They also tend to bastardize even the native styles of the Toraq. When they use Warlord’s Wrath, for example, they don’t experience nearly as much strength. However, you could lop off the hand of a Gecko under their rage and they wouldn’t even feel pain.

A trait that is also unique to them is that they are one of the few Toraq tribes that cook their food. The strange geysers around the isthmus prove perfect for such an occurrence and most Gecko settlements are near them.

Attributes: Those of Tribe Gecko have only one power, although it is rather potent. They heal at an extreme rate and can heal from something that would normally be out of the question. They can regrow limbs, recover from life-threatening wounds in days. This also gives them a very high degree of resistance to both disease and poisons, allowing them to do amazing and horrible things with this trait.

Beast: Tribe Gecko are bound to massive geckos that rival the size of a typical horse, at least in length, tail discounting of course. They are incredibly quick, especially when considering their size. They can climb incredibly steep surfaces due to padded feet and heal at an extreme rate, especially their tail. It is a common practice among the Gecko to hollow out the tail of their mount, fill it with explosive toxins then use said tail as a projectile weapon in battle. The results are explosive, to say the least.

Blood Weapons: Gecko has a habit of mixing toxins into their blood before creating Blood Weapons. Why? It makes their Blood Weapons inherently poisonous and, while a Gecko may survive the venom, most opponents would not. It also gives their weapons a slightly green tint, like rotting flesh.

The primary weapon of a Gecko, however, is their arm. All have their right arm removed at birth, a Blood Weapon quickly replacing it. The arm is incredibly powerful and can morph and change to an alarming degree, allowing a highly versatile weapon for those that get close.

Gecko heavily prefers to utilize long, barbed chains. Due to the nature of Blood Weapons the chain seems to have a mind of its own, bending and twisting around defenses when it has no right to. Some make use of heavy darts that are flung but chains are by and large the most common tool for killing.

Leadership: Gecko is led by Glen, a name often followed by “The Mad.” A bastard child of a Horse rape, Glen came into the world knowing that he was not wanted, even hated. Unlike some, he didn’t give to the hatred and quit. Instead, he drew it into himself, using it to make himself stronger. He fights as a man that doesn’t care for his life and, in truth, he doesn’t. Halfblood is the only creature that he truly cares for.

Gecko Tribe

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