Fox Tribe

Organization: Fox, led by the original Fox, Kalux, would have you believe that they are the leaders of the Toraqi race and, in all honesty, that is something that is often true. In times of war it is Tribe Fox that rallies the others, beats the drums of war and makes the plots. Of course, in reality, in any time other than war the other Tribes would feel no obligation to listen to Kalux or Tribe Fox.

While Fox may not create the fastest or strongest warriors they are by far the smartest. Like their Beast Fox has a reputation for being exceedingly clever and not altogether trustworthy even when Binding Magic has been used to seal a deal.

Of all the Tribes Fox walks the strangest line of morality. They are willing and eager to leave their foes tortured and screaming; after all, it shatters the moral of enemies. Still, they’re more than willing to spare non-Aleruan foes should it be in their best interest; Fox is nothing if not opportunistic.

Attributes: Fox are obviously most famed for their cleverness and quickness of mind. In a fight they prioritize their ability to plan and think, rarely focusing on their ability to win in a direct fight. They are the masters of fighting dirty and swinging the odds in their favor.

Fox is also possessed with great agility and quickness which, when coupled with their minds, make them very dangerous.

Beast: The Foxes of Tribe Fox resemble a large dog far more than an actual fox. Their pelts are far beyond the quality of a regular fox. They are far quicker and, while a normal fox is clever for a beast these surpass most sentient races in their intelligence. Unlike most Beasts they don’t rush into battle without fear, instead lingering around the edges and striking at the most opportune moment.

Blood Weapons: Fox likes to use knives of various lengths and in very large quantities. They often have knives specialized for a wide variety of uses, whether it be throwing, stabbing, cutting, skinning or the fine art of torture.

Fox also tends to have a wide variety of extremely odd Blood Weapons specialized for a very specific role, such as Kalux’s Orb, and tend to have a habit of creating them in the middle of a fight.

Leadership: Fox is led by Kalux, the Original Fox. He is almost as old as the formal Toraq tribes. He was the one to originally make a pact with Verenzano, he was the one to create the Walk of Sinners. He is older than most Toraq and certainly the oldest that is still capable of fighting. His Beast, Silver, is a fox nearly as old as he and, like Kalux, is far smarter than most of his species.

Fox Tribe

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