Divine Martial Arts

Warlord’s Wrath

Less a style of fighting and more a state of mind, this divine art puts the practitioner in an unstoppable rage. Channeling the god of war, the user gains great strength and feels no pain at the cost of having no defense to speak of. While following the loose forms and stances of this style a practitioner becomes a terror on the battlefield, only stopped when everything around him is dead or the user’s body can no longer move from the damage it has sustained. Because of its feral nature those who use this style find themselves most comfortable when using brutal weapons like the waraxe.

Summary: Warlord’s Wrath focuses on all-out offense above everything else. Those that are experts of this style work themselves into a blind rage, allowing them to completely ignore pain and increasing their strength by several magnitudes. For example, an expert of this style could easily boost the strength of a child to the point of shattering a femur or ignore being stabbed multiple times with a spear.

Style Attuned Weapon: Waraxe
Associated God: Artoran

Gods with Access: Artoran
Races with Access: The Child, Toraq, Toraq Beasts
Alterations: None

Warriors of Two Skins

The Toraq and the Toraq Beasts have a strange bond, one that baffles even them on occasion. They cannot explain how they know what the other feels or where the other is or even why they feel so close to one another. It simply is.

And, so, asking a Toraq to explain how they fight so well with one another is nearly impossible for them to explain. In combat they simply understand the other. There isn’t a wolf and a warrior, there is a single entity fighting the enemy. In battle their empathetic link becomes so much more, becoming almost a shared consciousness as they fight as a single unit. Who tore open the throat of the Aleruan with her fangs? Who stabbed and parried his way across the field?

The unparalleled bond and teamwork exhibited by the Toraq and their Beasts enhances every part of their ability to fight. Their offense is better as both move to create holes with the precision of a scalpel. With two bodies, defense is much easier through coordinated attacks and parries. Individually a Toraq or his Beast is dangerous. Together, they are deadly.

Style Attuned Weapon: Pairs of Weapons
Associated God: Artoran

Gods with Access: Artoran
Races with Access: The Child, Toraq, Toraq Beasts
Alterations: None

Nature’s Stealth

The God of Nature tends to prefer the stealthy approach and so do those who tend to go for his fighting style. The style itself is more based on taking your enemy by surprise with a dagger in their back or across their throat rather than forcing them to fight you. Some may call it the coward’s way out, but if it gets the job done more easily, then why not? This style would be the best in small skirmishes where the followers of this style can sneak up on their enemies and assassinate them through stealthy kills via quick jabs to vital body parts or even poisoning their food and water.
Style attuned weapon: Dagger.
Associated God: Aetherys.

The Twisting Path

Kereth’s Martial Arts style is particularly adopted by Wayfinders, but any who prefer a defensive style to offensive would be well served by it. The Twisting Path involves using the strength of your opponent against them. The style favors a staff, though it could be used with any weapon. It endorses redirection over direct confrontation and striking from unexpected directions. The form heavily involves trips, disarms, and strikes that stun rather than kill. The Twisting Path requires great skill with arms, but also great knowledge, as to be an effective practitioner, one must be able to read the paths of their opponent’s motions and respond accordingly.
Style Attuned Weapon: Staves
Associated God: Kereth

Flow of Sparks

Like the god of invention himself, his style is neutral and utterly pragmatic. Where as other styles may have fancy moves and forms, the Flow of Sparks is a simple and utterly utilitarian style, though don’t let its simplicity fool you, it might be easy to pick up, to truly master the subtle intricacies and precision might take one a life time. The style is balanced in its focus, neither being a highly defensive style nor a highly offensive style, instead it takes advantage of what the situation calls for and balancing both offense and defense. The practitioners of this art take advantage of any opportunity they get on the battlefield and to them combat becomes more of a game of chess than a fight for their life.
Style Associated Weapon: Unarmed
Associated God: Nester

Infinite’s Hope

Relying mostly on a solid defense, the martial style favored by Mobius and his heroes seeks to defend oneself and those around them. Though focusing mostly on defense a practitioner of this art is still very much a threat as they counter their foes by using their force against them, multiplying it with their own. Like the god who created this style, users are most at home on the battlefield when they go unarmed. Welcoming the strikes of their opponents with open hand they return the favor with potent fists, elbows, grapples and throws. Though a proponent of the style would much rather solve the conflict without violence they know that if the first battle of the gods has taught the mortal races anything, it is that sometimes words alone cannot end a conflict.
Style Attuned Weapon: Unarmed/Gauntlets
Associated God: Mobius

Divine Martial Arts

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