Blood Weapons

Some warriors make their tools from stone. Others, wood. Some even use bone. The Toraq? They use their own blood.

Summary: An art developed in the heat of battle, Blood Weapons are a tool exclusive to the Toraq and particularly devout followers of different races. At birth, every Toraq is bled. Instead of the blood simply pouring across the dirt, doing nothing, the blood congeals, forming the child’s first Blood Weapon. This first tool will be whatever the child has the most natural aptitude for, no matter what.

A Blood Weapon is an interesting tool. Not only is it a weapon but also an extension of the wielder’s body. It grows with them, perfecting itself. Every Blood Weapon has the perfect balance for the user, the ideal weight, the best reach. No weapon forged of metal could ever match the singular perfection a Blood Weapon creates for its wielder. Even more, a Blood Weapon may be changed over time, becoming something new.

While Blood may not seem the sturdiest of materials, a Blood Weapon is infused with both the soul of the user and the strength of the user. No metal can rival the toughness of a Blood Weapon and the edges are always improbably sharp.

A Toraq could hypothetically create unlimited weapons over the course of their life. While the initial tool is simply what will serve them best in war latter tools can be created to fill the more specific needs of the user. A bow, a sword, a spear; any are possibilities. It typically only takes a few minutes for a Blood Weapon to be created but the blood loss required does pose a bit of an issue.

In addition to the more standard traits of a weapon a Blood Weapon possesses, they also have a few unique traits. First off, a Blood Weapon isn’t carried on the back or on a satchel. A Blood Weapon is carried within the body of a Toraq, although whether it is as blood or something else is unknown. They can be summoned forth (at no harm to the user) in the blink of an eye or over the course of several seconds, however the user chooses.

Secondly, a Blood Weapon can turn from a solid state back to liquid blood whenever the wielder wishes. While for most this trait is simply a novelty, true masters always seem to find clever uses. The wielder may never be harmed by his own Blood Weapon, the blade instantly reverting to its liquid form when it touches the skin of the user.

Finally, a Blood Weapon always returns to the wielder when, whether as a stream of blood, a fine mist, or simply the solid weapon. This makes bows as well as thrown weapons not only possible, but potent.

While these tools are called Blood “Weapons,” the possibilities for this art are almost endless. Shields, perhaps even armor are a strong possibility, should the day ever come to it.

Gods with Access: Artoran
Races with Access: Toraq
Alterations: None

Blood Weapons

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