Blood of the Beast

For untold centuries most have considered the Red Plague a blight upon the world. Today, for the Toraq alone, that changes.

Summary: Most that have been infected by a Red Beast have no control over the plague. They change at a Red Moon without reservation. They have no control over their actions. They become a beast in the most basic sense of the word.

But what if those so infected could control their curse? What if the Red Beast was a slave to them instead of being the other way around?

Those that can control their Beast Blood are warriors without compare. They retain the mind, cunning, skill and, of course, Blood Weapons of the Toraq that was infected yet are placed within the body of a Red Beast. They can take the form of a Red Beast at will, regardless of the Red Moon, a fact that allows them to almost completely ignore the weakness of a Red Beast to silver. Even more, those in control of the Beast Blood can control when their attacks are infectious, making sure only those that they wish the Beast Plague upon gain it.

Gods with Access: Artoran
Races with Access: Toraq
Alterations: None

Blood of the Beast

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