Wurm Tribe

Organization: Tribe Wurm, while few in numbers, make up for it in sheer size and strength. They are technically an offshoot of Lion and, as such, possess many of the same qualities. They are greedy, they are petty and, most of all, they love gold. Fortunately for them, their wurms are able to create it out of damn near anything, corpses included.

While Lion runs the Golden Bank and are the typical enforcers, Tribe Wurm are the true muscle. Rarely do they do anything that requires finesses; instead they simply are sent when nothing but the total destruction of their enemy is required. As an added benefit, the corpse of said enemy often provides gold. Tribe Wurm also makes a great point of collecting all the droppings of their Beasts. After all, if gold becomes common who will need it?

Attributes: Normally, the largest thing a Toraq bonds to is a horse. Instead, these Toraq have bonded with giant wurms that plunge in and out of the soil. The Toraq of Tribe Wurm stand easily eleven feet tall, although seeing one off of their wurm is an almost unheard of occurrence. They are the strongest and largest of the Toraq by far, exceeding all other Tribes.

Those of Tribe Wurm also have skin that is almost literally made of stone; riding underground requires skin that rapidly becomes tougher than anything normal.

Beast: The Beast of Tribe Wurm are the great wurms created by Zahav. They are great burrowing creatures that are enormous beyond comprehension and turn all they eat in to gold.

Blood Weapons: Tribe Wurm tends to specialize in massive ranged weapons, heaving spears that lesser races can’t even hope to lift. Occasionally they are forced into the melee where they prefer long chained Blood Weapons such as flails.

Leadership: Gillard the Great is arrogant even among the Tribes Lion and Wurm. After the death of his previous Beast Gillard was stricken with grief, finding comfort only in the hordes of gold that he collected. Now, bonded with a great Wurm that he has taken to calling Mint, he has become a man anew, although his gold hoarding habits remain.

Wurm Tribe

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