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Living Gods

Player Name Deity Name Status Rank Progenitor
Xunthrae Mersahj Active Lesser Firstborn
ToxicMind Kereth Active Greater Firstborn
Arcran Artoran Active Greater Aetherys
Darklady2831 Naer’Va Active Intermediate Yooo
Eshkigal Mekhet Active Fledgling Yooo
Shmee Kar’Vode’An Active Intermediate Artoran/Yooo
ThePhantom Faines Active Fledgling Artoran
Eldamar Mirmulnir Active Fledgling Kereth
Dracio Iskar-Ven Active Fledgling Artoran
Inspector Valin Nika Active Fledgling Kereth
Dragonsage Content Not Found: Akora Active Fledgling Mirmulnir

Dead Gods

Player Name Deity Name Status Rank Progenitor
Mynxae Aetherys Deceased Lesser Firstborn
Muja Celestine Deceased Fledgling Firstborn
Nexaduro Chururus Deceased Fledgling Firstborn
Vigen Elafriel Deceased Fledgling Firstborn
Venetian Mask Nester Deceased Lesser Firstborn
Croverus Attraxxii Deceased Lesser Firstborn
Xealot7 Domi Deceased Fledgling Firstborn
MichaelGoldClaw Aleru Deceased Fledgling Firstborn
ChaosPerfected Zenirand Deceased Fledgling Nester
Inane Gestures Mobius Deceased Fledgling Nester
Dorian Gray Illium Deceased Fledgling Kereth
Mystic1110 Yooo Deceased Lesser Mersahj
ShadowFireLance Vora Deceased Fledgling Aetherys
FlyingCheseCake Scarto Deceased Fledgling Mobius
Hemnon Zarchesh Deceased Fledgling Kereth
Elemental Kalevolan Deceased Fledgling Kereth
Baldin Malagor Deceased Fledgling Kereth
Tiny Sideshne Deceased Fledgling Zarchesh
The Sapient One Heramaes Deceased Fledgling Aleru



Leader: Kereth.

Player Name Deity Name Rank
ToxicMind Kereth Intermediate
Eldamar Mirmulnir Fledgling
Inspector Valin Nika Fledgling
Darklady2831 Naer’Va Intermediate

The Light: Deceased

The Unchained

Leader: Mersahj

Player Name Deity Name Rank
Xunthrae Mersahj Fledgling
Arcran Artoran Greater
ThePhantom Faines Fledgling
Dracio Iskar-Ven Fledgling
Shmee Kar’Vode’An Intermediate

Myriad Shield

Leader: Heramaes.

Player Name Deity Name Rank
Eshkigal Mekhet Fledgling


Race Creator Type Created
Merfolk Mersahj Magical 0 DSC
Humans Aleru Mundane 0 DSC
Guardians Domi Fabled 0 DSC
Wood Walkers Aetherys Fabled 0 DSC
Avians Elafriel Fabled 0 DSC
Locathah Attraxxii Monstrous 0 DSC
Autons Nester Fabled 0 DSC
Leviathans Mersahj Fabled 0 DSC
Wayfinders Kereth Magical 0 DSC
Red Beasts Attraxxii Magical O DSC
Ooze Dragons Yooo Monstrous 0 DSC
Goblins Zenirand Mundane 0 DSC
Vrykin Aetherys Magical 0 DSC
The Furies Aetherys Fabled 0 DSC
Skree Scarto Magical 1 DSC
Skizziks Naer’Va Mundane 1 DSC
Wraiths Kereth Monstrous 1 DSC
Elves Kar’Vode’an Magical 2 DSC
Infernalis Iskar-Ven Fabled 2 DSC
Fiends Iskar-Ven Fabled 2 DSC
Ooze Crab Mekhet Mundane 2 DSC
Maruk Mekhet Fabled 2 DSC
Phoenixes Kalevolan Fabled 3 DSC
Reapers Kereth Fabled 3 DSC
Ut’Gal Mekhet Mundane 3 DSC
Minotaurs Content Not Found: Malagor Magical 4 DSC
Masked Light Mekhet Fabled 4 DSC
Kobold Mekhet Mundane 5 DSC
Toraq Artoran Magical 5 DSC
Toraq Beasts Artoran Magical 5 DSC
Handmaiden of Death Content Not Found: Sideshne Fabled 5 DSC
Zephyrs Mekhet Magical 0 DSC


Organization Creator Formed
Skizzik War-Clans Naer’Va 1 DSC
Reticulum Scarto 1 DSC
The Infernal Kingdom of Aldrasil Iskar-Ven 2 DSC
The Vrykin Horde Aetherys 2 DSC
The Blood Elves Artoran 3 DSC
The Toraq Wilders Artoran 3 DSC
The Plaguepriests of Lepros Naer’Va 4 DSC
The Hunter Corps Kereth 4 DSC
The Stormvermin Naer’Va 5 DSC
Horse Tribe Artoran 5 DSC
Pureblooded Artoran 6 DSC
Vulture Tribe Artoran 6 DSC
Gecko Tribe Artoran 7 DSC
Ox Tribe Artoran 7 DSC
Merfolk Tribe Artoran 7 DSC
Hammertail Tribe Artoran 8 DSC
Winds of the Goddess Mekhet 8 DSC
Fox Tribe Artoran 9 DSC
The Forsaken Tribe Artoran 9 DSC
Lion Tribe Artoran 10 DSC
Wurm Tribe Artoran 12 DSC


Name Organization Creator Race Created
The Laughing Child Pureblooded Artoran Human 1 DSC
Underking Tharlock Skizzik War-Clans Naer’Va Skizzik 1 DSC
Falrak Alvarson Lightwarriors Aleru Human 5 DSC
Keth, Reaper Primarch The Hunter Corps Kereth Reaper 5 DSC
Handmaiden of Death Winds of the Goddess Content Not Found: Sideshne Handmaiden of Death 0 DSC


Name Creator Type Created
The Coral Crown Mersahj Artifact 0 DSC
Kereth’s Lantern Kereth Relic 0 DSC
Drinker Artoran Infused Relic 0 DSC
The Red Gem Artoran Artifact 0 DSC
Incunabula Scarto Relic 1 DSC
Kar’enca’diar Kar’Vode’An Artifact 3 DSC
The Heart of Plague Naer’Va Infused Artifact 5 DSC
Truth Nika Infused Relic 6 DSC?
The Great Boar Artoran Artifact 8 DSC
The Storm Gate Mekhet Relic 8 DSC
The Tower of Shattered Light Kereth Artifact 8 DSC
The Chained Blade Artoran Infused Artifact 12 DSC


Name Creator Created
Soul Fields Kereth 0 DSC
Forge of Sparks Nester 0 DSC
Plane of Elemental Dream Yooo 2 DSC
The Maze of the Lost Kalevolan 3 DSC
Rings of Chaos Mekhet 3 DSC
Tree of the Infinite Realms Yooo 4 DSC
Battlerock Artoran 11 DSC

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