Toraq have always been good in a fight; this lets the strongest among them actually control it.

Summary: For as long as war has existed there has been a sort of energy to it. Not magical, not good or evil, but simply there, invisible to all the world but Artoran.

That is, until now. While the energy of war may have slightly favored the Toraq Artoran never did anything outright to change it. Those that became capable of even seeing it soon went mad, their minds shattered.

Now, with a people that are quite literally the will of Artoran in the flesh, the energy of war has become something that they, and they alone, may use. Some Battleborn are subtle in their usage, making attacks miss, their blows land harder and keeping their own alive. Others are more blatant in their usage, forcing enemies to accidental strike one another rather than their intended foe.

Lesser foes may call it luck. Only the Battleborn know the truth.

Gods with Access: Artoran
Races with Access: Battleborn
Alterations: None


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