Description: When most Toraq die they simply go to whatever plane awaits them upon their death and join in the perpetual war above.

Not so with the Battleborn. When a Pureblooded dies there is a brief window between their soul being collected and their true death. In that time a Pureblooded places their soul within the only remaining sanctum for them; their blood.

With the last of their strength a Battleborn forges a new body, one made from their own blood in much the same way a Blood Weapon is formed. With their victory over death itself each of the Battleborn gain a small piece of the strength of Artoran, granting them the strength of mind to utilize Battlemastery.

Physically, Battleborn are identical to a Toraq, at least in appearance. In reality? Their body is as close to indestructible as is possible on the mortal plane. Their Pureblooded nature rapidly burns any and all foreign agents that enter their system. Weapons have no effect. In the face of heat of cold their Pureblood simply heals them. A Battleborn is the pinnacle of what a Toraq may become. While their numbers are few, each is worth thousands of a lesser race.


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