Yooo, The Ooze Dragon

Name Yooo, The Ooze Dragon
Player Mystic1110
Domains and Portfolio’s Dragons (Dragons), Slime (Oozes)
Alignment Chaotic Good

Appearance: Yooo appears as green black river that is more solid that water and is definitely more liquid than any creature has a right to be. The river is massive – but using river as a description is wrong on almost every level. Yooo stretches up and down and onward. He is a serpent, which ends in a vague head shape that attempts to resemble a lizard but not quite manages it. He is opaque but being made of ooze you can still see the other side of him if you squint enough – the image being blurred black and green by his form. He is extremely viscous, but he drips a little when he flies or does whatever he does – slithers? Also calling him a he is largely a matter of interpretation – he has no genitals – he creates oozes and dragon by dripping them down upon the world. Is he a she? Probably not – in the end he is Yooo, the Ooze Dragon.

Personality: Yooo is a dumb god. Like he is not smart at all. He is huge and vast, but he is not very intelligent. He creates dragons and oozes by leaving bits of himself as he moves – what those creatures do is up to them, he doesn’t actually control them, or if he does he doesn’t care. But he is not a malicious god. You can talk to him, reason with him, and when doing so he will probably be very accommodating. However is is extremely destructive. I did say he was big didn’t I? He’s huge. What will the ocean god do when the Ooze dragon goes for a swim and clogs up a sea? What will the gods of mortal men do when he stumbles upon a village and rain drops of freaking dragon on top of them accidentally? What will the divine assembly do when he visits their abode, smiling up the place and probably crushing their castles not knowing his might. In the end he is fundamentally a good person – a good oozy dragon god abomination.


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