Vora, The Lover

Name Vora, The Lover
Player ShadowFireLance
Domains and Portfolio’s Love (Heartbreak), Violence (Grief)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Description: Vora is a most complicated case, She is what the mother feels when her child is lost. What the Lover feels when he has been cheated. Her entire existence is for one sole purpose; Misery. She cares about those she hurts, and loves her afflicted deeply, as only a mother could.
In personality, she is a very conflicted creature, and her attitude about those around her shows. Deeply anti social, and even spiteful towards those to would seek her out, she has no qualms about harming anything. When forced to show her face, she switches between a bloody, but plain woman, or a wounded warrior.

Goal: To end the reason she exists, by creating so much misery it becomes the norm.


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