Scarto, Herald of Progress
Played By: FlyingCheseCake
Domains and Portfolios: Artifice (Progress), Force (Electromagnetism), Fabricate (Electromagnetism)
Alignment: True Neutral
Description: Scarto appears as an amalgamation of scrap metal, discarded parts, and various tools. These items are ceaselessly moving about a central point, causing the deity to appear almost fluid in nature. Its shape is eternally changing, sometimes at will to fit a certain need, but more often without any willful guidance, as if it is unconsciously trying to piece items together in new and creative ways.

Dogma: “The Means are the Ends”


Scarto is the embodiment and incarnation of the inevitability of change and progress. As mortals have begun to grasp the fundamentals of craftsmanship and artifice, it was inevitable that they would turn these new-found abilities on the world about them, taming and bending it to their needs and wills. Such was progress born. But progress is impatient. Forward! Onward! Upward! Better, Faster…MORE! The changes produced fed the needs of the mortals, but those needs in turn grew and demanded more changes. Into this unending cycle is Scarto born; but now that progress is here, it waits for no one. Scarto will be the midwife to the future of mortals in this cosmos…but a birth is often a painful and messy affair.


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