Naer'Va, the Vermin Queen

Name Naer’Va, the Vermin Queen, the Mortals’ Goddess, the Lady of Leprosy
Player Darklady2831
Domains and Portfolio’s Life (Vermin), Destruction (Pestilence), Caverns (Skizzblight), Community (Mortals), Mysticism (Prayer), Chaos (Survival of the Fittest), Magic (Enhancement)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Infusions 2/4

Description Naer’Va the Vermin Queen is the goddess of disease and infestations. She spends her time in dark, damp places, concocting toxins and plagues. Her followers encourage the spread of filth, pests, and parasites. Those who do not follow the Lady of Leprosy often pay her lip service, and sacrifice young, healthy beings in attempts to keep her satiated. Most peoples will simply offer up livestock, though more savage societies may offer up prisoners of war, or even their own kind. In truth, Naer’Va is usually too busy brewing up new diseases and breeding new pests to pay attention to sacrifices, and most often these sacrifices are unneeded. However, Naer’Va is quick to notice disrespect and desecration, and quick to punish it.

Those who offend the Vermin Queen are plagued by coughs, chills, fevers, boils, bleeding, and worse. Mortals who offer up the greatest praise are rewarded with poxes and plagues that ravage their bodies but leave their health intact. Her champions are diseased beings with a command of vermin and toxins. Naer’Va’s attitude towards other gods is chaotic at best. Those who displease her are treated with cold irreverence and disdain. Those who interfere with her poxes and plagues arouse fiery wrath, and their creations become test subjects for her diseases. Those Gods who provide cozy environments for her pests and diseases are treated with warm kindness.

The Lady of Leprosy takes a few forms. The first is the form of a swarm of insects, ranging from Scarab Beetles, to Locusts, to Horseflies. This swarm often takes a humanoid shape when conversing with other gods. The second is the form of a beautiful human woman; however this is only a thin covering of skin over her mangled green body beneath. The third is that of a Drow woman wearing a beautiful white silk gown. The fourth is that of a large female Skizzik, standing twice as tall as the average Skizzik male.


Name Creation Type Time Created Description
Skizzblight Land 1 DSC A vast network of tunnels beneath the surface of the Prime Mortal World. Volcanic vents lie in some of the deepest caves, and the area is rich in mineral resources.
Skizziks Mundane Life 1 DSC Five and a half foot tall Rat-men who live in the caverns of Skizzblight
Skizzik War-Clans Society 1 DSC The collective nation of the Skizziks, formed into hundreds of Clans, several of which are the largest and most influential.
Underking Tharlock Hero 1 DSC King-Under-the-Caves and leader of the Skizzik War-Clans. Direct child of Naer’Va, and a demigod.
Ritual Sacrifice Lesser Concept 2 DSC The act of sacrificing living beings to supernatural powers in exchange for favors.
Anval Land 3 DSC A vast continent consisting of a desert in the east, swamps in the west, mountains between the two, and jungles in the south.
Slavery Lesser Concept 3 DSC The practice of forcing a living, thinking being into being property. Slaves are forced to do whatever their master says.
Agriculture Lesser Concept 4 DSC The practice of raising plants and livestock for food.
The Plaguepriests of Lepros Organization 4 DSC The Priest Caste of the Skizziks, renowned for their magical prowess.
Fiends Fabled Life 4 DSC Certain fiends are made from the fears of the Skizziks, and thus embody vermin and disease.
Plaguesteel Magical Concept 5 DSC Steel made from Iron and Plaguestone. It is capable of cutting through flesh like butter, and wounds from it fester with all manner of foul poxes. Even a shallow cut can be fatal.
The Stormvermin Organization 5 DSC The Strongest, fastest Skizzik warriors, trained in the Thirteenfold Path of Blades. They are the best soldiers in Skizzblight.
The Heart of Plague Infused Artifact 6 DSC An Emerald the size of a small hut, imbued with the power of Naer’Va. It absorbed faith and prayers, and its master can use that to inspire miracles.
Divine Magic Divine Concept 6 DSC Clerics of Naer’Va have magical powers to control disease and vermin.
Alchemy Magical Concept 7 DSC Alchemy is the practice of making quasi-magical concoctions out of various things such as plants, dusts, and animal parts.
Fleshcrafting Magical Concept 7 DSC Fleshcrafting is the practice of grafting, mutating, and altering a fleshy being into something else. The Primary use of this is to create Flesh Golems.
Sorcery Fabled Concept 7 DSC Sorcery is a form of dark magic that is capable of great destruction, both physical and spiritual.
Flesh Golems Monstrous Life 8 DSC Beings made from using Fleshcrafting to alter a Revenant into a giant-sized beast of pure muscle. Controlled with Truespeech.
Divine Martial Arts Divine Concept 8 DSC The Thirteenfold Path of Blades is a Divine Martial art focussing on unpredictability and nimble movement. Practitioners prefer to slice their foes multiple times with shallow wounds from plaguesteel weapons, before finishing them off.
Aegisdrinker Artifact 9 DSC Aegisdrinker is a Glaive forged by an Auton and Naer’Va, and enchanted by the Goddess of Plague to devour all forms of protection that stand against its wielder. It has a mind of its own, but it extremely loyal to its first master, Underking Tharlock.
Scourge Relic 10 DSC Scourge is a flail forged by the same Auton that forged Aegisdrinker. Naer’Va aided him in designing the weapon, and supplied him with the techniques to forge Plaguesteel. It is meant to crush bones and armor, perforate limbs, and generally destroy.


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