Mobius, The Nameless Construct of Infinite Potential, The God in the Machine, The Artifical God

Name Mobius, The Nameless Construct of Infinite Potential, The God in the Machine, The Artifical God
Player Inane Gestures
Domains and Portfolio’s Potential (Improvement), Hope (Change)
Alignment Neutral Good
Symbol A mobius strip on the forehead of a creature or construct

About: The Artificial God, is as the title describes, a god made by man. Designed by mortals to be a god who would answer to them, things went wrong when he was made and he had to discover his own path, luckily without the help of his creators. It was through his journeys that the nameless construct became what he represents, hope. Through his journey he found a soul of his own and with it ignited the divine spark inside him. He is most commonly worshipped by the poor individuals who have lost their souls or never had one to begin with, and by those who have gone through the same journey that he did.

Personality: The nameless construct is a stern but caring entity. It seeks to right what is wrong and help those in need (especially those without souls). It will listen to those in need and believes itself to be the god of all constructs intelligent enough to worship one. Though it may seem to represent artificial beings the machine god favors them no more than any of its other followers.

Appearance: Mobius generally appears as a metal construct of obvious artificial origin, adorned with the symbol of infinity upon his brow. The design of the machine that he appears as resembles whatever construct the individual has been most exposed to going so far as to appear as a near mirror version of its construct followers. Though he has no actual gender he is generally identified as male by his followers though there are those sects that believe otherwise.

The Nameless God is the progeny of the god of technology, being technology himself, and the creators of man for their creations are the ones who made him.


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