Mirmulnir, Demon of Knowledge, the Mortal’s God

Name Mirmulnir, Demon of Knowledge, the Mortal’s God
Player Eldamar
Domains and Portfolio’s Knowledge (Secrets), Magic (Forbidden)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Personality: A deity of lost lore, forbidden magic, and secrets. A neutral god who distances himself from matters of good and evil, being neither truly friend or foe to anyone and dealing with anyone or anything seeking knowledge, but at a price. To gain something, you must lose something of equivalent value.
Following his own moral compass he has taken pity upon the mortal creatures who are but pawns in the divine machinations of the gods. Seeking to become an unseen guardian of the mortal plight and remaining hidden and acting subtly through agents and great artifacts, he works towards removing the influences of the divine (save his own) and let the mortals be free to choose their own fates.

Appearance: Originating as pure conscious will, his from is elusive and always changing. While dealing with those mortals seeking pacts with him, he favors the ominous form of empty, silver-trimmed black armor, hooded and cloaked, with an immense black tome hanging by chains from his hip.


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