Mersahj, The Coral Queen

Name Mersahj
Player Xunthrae
Domains and Portfolio’s Water (Oceans), Life (Aquatic), Oceans (Storms), Life (Plants) Light (bioluminescence)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Symbol A cresting wave with a fin coming out of the trough at the base. around a tall tree

Dogma Land dwellers must respect and fear the ocean or it will be their ruin. As for the ocean-kind, they are given dominion over the beasts and plants of the seas. Her worshipers are free to do as they like, for the most part. She promotes strength and brutal efficiency in her people. The sea is unforgiving and does as it pleases. It may gift the world with beneficial winds or destructive storms.

Mersahj’s upper body looks to be that of a beautiful woman, except her skin is covered in tiny, teal iridescent scales, her hands are webbed and a large crown of fins adorns her head. She has two sets of obvious gills, large ones running along her ribs and another pair on her neck. Her lower half changes between that of an octopus, with 8 large tentacles, and that of a tail, perfect for swift swimming.


Name Classification AP Time AP for Domain
Merfolk Magical Life 3 0 DSC 0
The Coral Crown Artifact 4 0 DSC 0
Leviathan Fabled Life 4 0 DSC 0
Storm Sorcery Magic Concept 3 0 DSC 0
Adv Aquatic Animal Taming Lesser Concept 1 2 DSC 1


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