Kereth the Guide

Name Kereth the Guide
Player Toxic Mind
Domains and Portfolio’s Light (Guidance), Death (Souls),
Guidance (Navigation), Death (Afterlife),
Death (Pyschopomps), Death (Repose)
Alignment True Neutral

Kereth appears as a kindly old man, carrying a lantern and a walking staff. His eyes are the gold of a lantern flame, and his hair is white as snow. He speaks kindly to those he meets, and his voice is soft but commanding. He stands tall, despite his apparent age, and his walk is sure and strong, the gait of one who is never unsure of his destination.

Kereth’s physical form is far more changeable, as he appears to those that see him as someone worthy of trust. Still, he remains in his human form. His divine body is far less comforting. His divine body is vaguely humanoid, and made entirely of light, blinding in its revealing radiance.

Kereth’s only desire is to help those who are lost, or unsure of their path, whatever form that takes. Wanderers who are lost on a journey can seek his aid to find the right path, and mortals who do not know where their life is headed can pray to him for guidance. In addition, he brings the souls of mortals to the afterlife, though never forcing hem to join them. He is fair and honest, and when, as almost all do, they come with him, their souls are stored in his lantern, bathed in warming light until delivered to the afterlife.

Kereth cares little for the squabbles of mortals, only for seeing that all who need his aid are not led astray. Whatever their intentions may be. Kereth protects those who are kind to travelers, and those who are honest in their dealings with strangers.

Kereth’s Beacons (Stars)
Soul Fields
Kereth’s Lantern
Path of the Guide (Ethereal Plane)
The Twisting Path (Divine Martial Arts)
Masks of Light (With Mehket)


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