Queen Kar'Vode'an, the All Adored, Holder of Unparalleled Radiance, the Great One, the Queen of Queens

Name Queen Kar’Vode’an, the All Adored, Holder of Unparalleled Radiance, the Great One, the Queen of Queens
Player Shmee
Domains and Portfolio’s Love (Beauty), Tyranny (Power)
Alignment Lawful Evil

Description: It comes as no wonder that Queen Kar’Vode’an rules over her chosen people with an iron fist covered in a velvet glove, after all, is it not her fate to be unconditionally loved by all? She knows that her beauty knows no bounds, and intends to exploit that to her advantage. Indeed, it saddens her heart to think of all those poor races, who have yet to experience the overwhelming sensation of basking in the radiance of all her glory as she showers them with her love. Naturally, to love Queen Kar’Vode’an isto obey her whims, yet obedience is but a small price to pay.

Dressed in the most regal and extravagant of fashion, she normally teases mortals who have heard of her legendary beauty by wearing a white featureless mask which only reveals her eyes. Only when she is pleased does she reward her loyal servants by allowing them to gaze upon divinity itself, by removing it and revealing her beauty. Queen Kar’Vode’an knows that different races have different standards of beauty. Therefore her form varies depending on which race is looking at her, although some say that she created her chosen race in her own image. The one thing that can be agreed upon by all mortals who have seen her: regardless of her form, it is one of pure perfection. Same thing applies to the deities. Although out of respect she does not hide her face behind a mask, her form takes that of what the individual deity would consider perfection, whether she resembles a shambling corpse, a monstrous creature, drenched from head to toe in blood and gore, or perhaps even a perfect sculpture made out of marble.


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