Illium, The Teller of Stories

Name Illium, The Teller of Stories
Player Dorian Gray
Domains and Portfolio’s Knowledge (Stories), Travel (Journeys)
Alignment Chaotic Good

Illium isn’t a court scholar, nor is he an old arcanist or a well-dressed orator. He is the old man who casts shadows on the cave wall with his hands while telling of dragons and gods, the wanderer from the town nobody has heard of who brings news of valiant heroes, great wars, and how you had better buy lots of salt from the next trader, because it’s going to get more scarce soon. He wears a thick cloak dyed in some shade of dark brown or gray that rain rolls off of like compliments roll off of a lover. His boots are fantastically soft and warm, and are worn from ten thousand miles of walking.

Illium is the guardian of the old knowledge, the stories told by old grandmothers and mysterious men. He is the patron of peaceful wanderers and storytellers, the ones who grow king’s lace in their gardens and know to lay out a pool of ox blood on the day of the solstice. He makes sure small towns hundreds of miles from civilization are not overwhelmed by the wild, and keeps the narrow roads safe (relatively). He wants to make sure that no story is ever completely forgotten, and wants travelers to arrive alive, but not untested, from their journeys- after all, every story needs a struggle.


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