Heramaes, the Lord of Luck

Name Heramaes, the Lord of Luck
Player TheSapientOne
Domains and Portfolio’s Luck (Probability), Law (Oath)
Alignment Chaotic Good

Description: There is reason to his madness, although he’d much rather you didn’t believe that. Heramaes is a deity obsessed with the balance of reality, keeping good, evil, chaos, and order all in check in order to keep the scales balanced. In order to accomplish this simple goal he acts as an agent for one, namely chaos, in order to keep everything relatively under control. To this end he regularly engages in the mortal world, tipping the scales as they slide out of place to keep everything balanced for all sides. This is why the mortal races recognize him as the Lord of Luck, as his favor in anything could easily decide their success or failure, and most every mortal aware of his existence is convinced he plays sides, favoring one group over another. And to be fair, this is completely accurate. Heramaes chooses those he favors not from some form of godly admiration for who they are and what they have done, but because he actually likes them and would rather see they succeed than fail. In fact, Heramaes is one of the most, for lack of a better word, human gods there is. He’d much rather involve himself directly with mortal affairs than act as some unseen guiding hand, and he chooses to live in the guise of a mortal when committing his dealings.

For whatever reason Heramaes almost appears to resent his status as a god, largely trying to distance himself from the other deities save for when it serves him. Even then he keeps his dealings with his fellow deities as short and precise as possible, quick to return to the mortals he prefers. However, there is one commonality between his human and godly dealings: to Heramaes, a deal is paramount. For Heramaes, an oath, promise, or any kind of deal is something that cannot in any way be broken, and in the case of his mortal dealings it literally cannot without the intervention of another divine. His word is his bond, but he also expects the same of the other deities, and hates cheaters above all else.

Appearance-wise, Heramaes takes on the appearance of the mortal race he is currently dealing with, although he always possesses shining silver hair (or the equivalent of) and glimmering golden eyes (or the equivalent of). His dress is always fairly simple, just a simple outfit a common traveler would wear and a cloak, with a hood he typically wears down. The appearance of his age is variable, as Heramaes chooses to age his appearance based on how long he has been in a certain part of mortal society. He likes to keep the illusion of his mortal status as long as possible before moving on and resetting his appearance so the charade can begin anew.

However, in all his incarnations there is one piece that always remains unchanged. Heramaes at all times wears a wooden ring on his right hand. By all indications it possesses no unique properties, and is simply there to act as a reminder to not get lost in the illusion.


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