Faines, The Rhythmic Fire

Name Faines, The Rhythmic Fire
Player ThePhantom
Domains and Portfolio’s Fire (Volcano), Music (Ritual)
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Description: Faines shows himself as a young man, wearing an orange cloak with very long sleeves and a multitude of red scarves, each ending in a continually burning flame. He’s usually found either humming or singing a song to himself, watching as something, or someone burns.
Most worship of this deity involves a large fire and songs, but this is not to attract his attention. No, this is so he remains passive for this place, instead of raising up one of his mountains of fire or sending his lesser flames to rampage. Only the bitter or the foolish would directly ask for his aid, for to do so requires that someone must burn, either the worshiper, or others, through perhaps if one had a great gift of music it might be possible to escape the flames.

Personality: Faines is fascinated by fire, it’s his blood and his gift. To see the world bathed in flames, with the chorus of the screams, the crackle of things being refined to their purest; that would make him so very happy. A pity that he has not yet found a way to make this glory last for eternity. So for now, he’ll settle for lesser fires and music.


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