Chururus, Void's Repletion

Name Chururus, Void’s Repletion
Player Nexaduro
Domains and Portfolio’s Darkness (Night), Void (Stars)
Alignment Neutral Good

Chururus shapes itself from an amorphous ichor bearing the colours of the night sky; subtle shades of near-black, the tentative glow of newborn suns and the awesome effulgence of a constellation’s death-throes. A rigid crown of umber rests lightly upon its apex and casts a gentle warmth around it, in juxtaposition to the void-like chill emanating from its form. Edges, curves, appendages, and a perpetually concerned countenance project themselves from its shape at whim.

Born cradled in the lacuna of time unknown and substance unmade, Chururus woke to the dun light of creation with a mind both young and so terribly, terribly old. The spark of divinity that gave it power, knowledge, life found itself uncertain and alone in this new expanse and shuddered at its emptiness, and incompleteness.

Chururus pushes back the dark of the void and sequesters the precious warmth of the world against the harshness without. It looks upon every life’s spark, divine or mortal, as a treasure to be cherished and made to cast its light into the dark places of the world; but it can be juvenile in its affections, and may cling too tightly or be moved to anger over simple sleights.

It is largely driven by whim, fickle in its desires and designs. More than anything, though, The Void’s Repletion aims to one day fill the whole boundlessness of existence with a ubiquity of warmth and light.


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