Attraxxii, the Forsaken

Name Attraxxii
Player Croverus
Domains and Portfolio’s Space (The Void), Anathema (Abominations), Lunar (Red Eclipse), Change (Mutation)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Attraxxii has little interest in the primary plane itself, but it is intrigued by the creations of it’s equals and interacts with the world in ways only it understands. It estranges itself from the other deities by inflicting random mutations on the creations of its siblings, creating abominations that serve little purpose other than altering the world, and going between periods of sedentary contemplation and sudden unexplainable activity without any seeming plan.

Attraxxii seeks to add a bit of strangeness and difference in the world, and such is reflected in it’s own design. A central orb like body with no mouth, 4 small eyes placed in pairs above a large fifth eye, and 7 large tentacles that come from its back that it manipulates the planes with. It speaks with a voice that often changes between gender, language, and tone at random, though the changes are less noticeable to other deities. Attraxxii identifies as neither male nor female.


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