Aetherys, Nature's Wrath

Name Aetherys, Nature’s Wrath
Player Mynxae
Domains and Portfolio’s Life (Vengeance), Earth (Destruction), War (Fury), War (Strategy)
Alignment Neutral Evil

Aetherys is portrayed as a panther with fur the colour of the forest leaves, changing with the seasons. In his humanoid form (when he chooses to show himself as such), he is portrayed as a tall elf with skin that changes colour with the seasons, just like his fur, eyes that are a deep blue and glossy black hair that flows down to his back.

Aetherys is one to both create and destroy. He adores his creations, nurturing and treasuring them, but when they are threatened, his wrath comes out in full force, hence his title of “Nature’s Wrath”. He wishes to create a peaceful environment where his creations can live out their lives in peace without any threat of extermination from any other source than old age or disease.


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