The Toraq Wilders


Comprised of a horde of violent, naked and savage humans, the Toraq are the ideal worshipers of Artoran. They’re loud, extreme in every action they take and quick to fight.

The Toraq are wanderers. They travel from area to area, pillaging and stealing from the tribes. They take what they can from the land but they primarily steal. If they see a human settlement the Toraq will swarm over it, killing all in their path. They even fight among themselves, the various groups often assaulting other tribes. There is little central leadership among the tribes, although the strongest in each tribe tends to hold a bit of sway.


The Toraq Wilders have a society that revolves almost entirely around war. and battle. From a young age the Toraq Wilders are taught the ways of battle. Unlike the human society, women and children are taught to fight from a young age. Those that aren’t fast, strong, or clever enough rarely make it to adulthood, resulting in the Toraq being comprised of almost entirely perfect soldiers. It’s also a key part of their culture to create their own weapons; it’s a mark of honor to use a tool made by yourself and not one conscripted from another.

The Toraq also place a large amount of their cultural focus on what to do following a battle. The Toraq take part of their enemies, eating what is left of them to gain their strength. Whether or not this actually works is arguable, but the Toraq place a great deal in that theory.

After Faines helped to bring forward the next step of Toraq evolution the race began to put a much larger emphasis on song, creating brutal war chants. Fire became a key part of their culture as well and the Toraq began to burn the homes of their foes to honor Faines.


The Toraq were originally humans that were selected and tested by The Child to become the perfect warriors in the future. They slowly became more and more savage, killing and raiding their way across the countryside.

Then came Kalux, the most clever of all Toraq. Under his guidance the Toraq made an alliance with Verenzano and became more docile, slowly creating small bands that spread across the region. The Toraq were slightly more civilized, focusing on tribute demands rather than war.

That is, until a worshiper of The Trickster betrayed Kalux, reneging on a deal. As a penalty, the Toraq have declared war on Galvastia and the drums of war have began to beat.

Soon after Artoran blessed his creatures, making the Toraq the fastest, the strongest, the smartest. Even more, the Toraq became bonded to great beasts, becoming the strongest warriors piece by piece. The time of war is nigh.


Blood-Father: Artoran
Father of Song and Fire: Faines
The Pathfinder: Kereth
He Of Many Faces: Mekhet
Raging Storm: Mersahj


Lesser Advanced Magical Fabled
Murder Archery Blood Weapons
Weapons Battle Sense Flame Healing
Animal Taming Mounted Combat Binding Magic
Agriculture Advanced Architecture Alchemy (Gecko)
Tools Masonry Transmutation (Merfolk)
Writing Armor Storm Magic (Merfolk)
Slavery Medicine Blood of the Beast (The Forsaken Tribe
Compass (Vulture) Fortress City Building
Navigation (Vulture)

Divine Martial Arts

Warlord’s Wrath
Warrior of Two Skins
Razor’s Edge (Fox, Gecko)
The Twisting Path (Vulture)
Flow of Sparks (Ox)

Divine Magic

Song of Blood and Steel

The Toraq Wilders

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