The Red Gem

A beautiful red gem that drives all mortals to attempt to kill whoever has the (mis)fortune of possessing it. No mortals can resist its draw, resulting in bloodshed following wherever it goes.

Summary: A beautiful Red Gem that was one of the first things created by Arotran, the Red Gem is the epitome of his power. Currently in possession of The Laughing Child, the Red Gem can bring nothing good to the world except for bloodshed and slaughter.

Effect: Once a rollover, the Red Gem allows a 0 AP Curse to be done.


Curses of the Red Gem

Name Classification Time Countered?
Curse of Galvastia Curse Through the Red Gem The Child turned Galvastia from a place of peace to a massive bloodbath, if only momentarily. 1 DSC Yes
Hatred of Goblins Curse By forcing humans to attack goblins under the guidance of the Red Gem, The Child sought to create a permanent feud between the races. 2 DSC Yes
Curse of the Red Beasts Curse A Red Gem was given to a Red Beast. Instead of mankind fleeing from the deadly creatures on the days of the Red Moon they ran towards them, resulting in a great increase in Red Beast numbers. While they no longer have the Red Gem, the numbers are still extremely high. 3 DSC No
Ooze Creek Curse A small creek within Galvastia that seems completely ordinary, albeit a bit large to truly be considered a creek. However, a quick glance spells certain doom, for the Red Gem lies within the creek, always just a little out of reach. The creek is littered with the bones of those that have tried. 4 DSC Yes
Illegitimate Wielder Curse The Gem is not a simple, stupid object. While not truly alive, it does possess its own sort of consciousness. When a wielder comes that it deems unworthy or boring, the Red Gem does all it can to make their life a living hell. It speaks to them, it comes out of pockets. It will do anything in its vast power to ensure that the wielder is dead. 5 DSC No
Red Dreams Curse While the Red Gem may do everything in its power to kill an unworthy wielder, sometimes that isn’t enough. And so the Red Dreams begin, terrifying visages of The Child and other horrors, seeking to simply drive the wielder mad. 6 DSC No
Blessing of the Truewielder Curse The Gem is, of course, a living entity. As such, it does its best to interfere in a battle. When wielded by one that it approves of it focuses its energies while in battle to greatly amplify its power. Those that are normally under its spell become nearly insane as they go for the Gem and those that resist it are drawn closer. It even goes so far as to interfere, drawing the attention of an opponent as they try to focus in battle. 7 DSC No
The Army of Accident Curse While traveling from Galvastia back to Klein The Child took the time to look upon the Red Gem. While doing so a vast number of villagers saw The Gem and took off in pursuit. While they soon lost sight of The Child they followed his path, making their way towards Klein. 8 DSC No
The Strife of Malagor Curse The Child has used the Gem to pit the tribes of Malagor against one another, forcing the proud minotaurs into a vast civil war. 10 DSC No
The Dumbing of Malagor Curse Due to extended periods of perpetual war, the Minotaur people began to lose touch with their roots, including their ancient magics. 12 DSC No

The Red Gem

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