The Forsaken Tribe

Organization: Those of the Forsaken Tribe have been cast out of their tribes, alone and without a Beast. Even Vulture will not take in these Toraq. Why, you may ask?

All have been touched by the Red Plague.

Each and every member of the Forsaken Tribe has become one of the most feared creatures on the moral plane: a Red Beast. Nearly all Toraq that become one kill their Beast upon their first shift, oftentimes killing many Toraq as well. They have become a liability to their tribe and, as such, were cast out.

That is, until The Child taught one Toraq how to control his plague.

He has no name, as do the others of the Forsaken Tribe. They come from all walks of life, all styles. Vulture, Horse, Hammertail; they’re all represented among the hordes of the Forsaken Tribe. They are all more beast than man and yet, all share a sacred duty.

The tribe is scattered across the realm, constantly roaming. They fight, they die, they make children; they live. Yet, whenever a Red Eclipse comes the Forsaken Tribe gathers in strength, keeping the feral Red Beasts from their kin.

Attributes: Those of the Forsaken Tribe tend to keep many of their original traits yet their bond with a Red Beast creates many more. They are stronger, faster and heal at an alarming rate. Those of Red Beast are rarely outmatched physically, especially when compounding their strength with their combat prowess.

Beast: The Forsaken Tribe have no true beasts. Instead, they bond to the Red Beast within themselves. Each member has two parts of their psyche; both a sane, Toraq part and a wild beast seeking to break free. For any other race this bond would be overwhelming. For a Toraq this creates an odd situation where they can be both at once, making them far stronger than any other Red Beast.

Like all Red Beasts there is a great range of how the curse represents itself. Some simply look like great wolves with red fur while others are tentacled monstrosities. It varies from Toraq to Toraq, giving the Forsaken an odd advantage in war.

Blood Weapons: Those within the Forsaken Tribe tend to be a bit wild with their Blood Weapons. As a Red Beast they heal rapidly allowing spontaneous Blood Weapons. They favor extremely large, heavy weapons that their Red Beast form allows them to utilize.

Leadership: The First of the Forsaken has no name; even his title is a stretch. Those that leave a Tribe leave their old name behind, becoming more beast than man. Some claim new names yet The First, for whatever reason, has refused to. His Red Beast form is a giant wolf-like humanoid that stands nearly twelve feet tall. He has the strength of a giant in either form. It is rumored that The First was once of Tribe Horse which would explain his savagery in battle as well as his simple cunning.

The Forsaken Tribe

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