The Pureblooded are the most elite warriors among the Toraq, often handpicked by The Child to receive the blessing of Artoran. These are the special forces, the most elite warriors among the Toraq. A half dozen could take a city given good fortune. Like The Child, a Pureblooded is almost impossible to kill, making them even more dangerous than the typical Toraq.

Typically, the Pureblooded spend most of their time with their home tribe. It is only when The Child calls them that the Pureblooded leave their tribes to handle the divine will of Artoran. They do, however, make a conscious effort to secure the Red Gem should it ever stray too close to a Toraq settlement.

As each Pureblooded is essentially the pinnacle of the Toraq race they tend to be extremely devoted to Artoran, oftentimes worshiping him to the exclusion of the rest of the Toraq pantheon. It seems to work for them though, as the Pureblooded are quite literally the most deadly creatures on the face of the earth.

Infusion: Pure Blood


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