Ox Tribe

Organization: Tribe Ox walks a dangerous line. A line between the savagery of the Toraq and the peace of the citizens of Klein. A path between serving the Blood Father and obeying the laws within the city.

It is a difficult line to walk. Does an Ox kill an Aleruan now and risk the wrath of Klein? Or do they wait, bide their time, and strike when it is safe? They serve the Blood Father, simply not in the overt way of many tribes. They speak, they talk, they labor just like their Beasts. They attempt to not kill the worshipers of Aleru but kill the Whore herself.

Ox, as a whole, is a kinder tribe than the rest. They provide a clean death. Yet, despite their kindness, Ox is brutal to those that foresake the Blood Father, crushing any and all traitor tribes with a sort of fury that is rarely seen. They show that their faith is true by raiding Aleruan villages outside Klein although they are much quicker to show mercy when an Aleruan converts, going so far as to guide them to Klein in many situations.

And, of course, Tribe Ox possesses a sort of bullheaded stubbornness. If they begin a task, they finish it. Perhaps that is what allows them to walk their path. Not strength of will, not intelligence, but a simple, unwavering determination to finish their job.

Attributes: Those of Ox are supernaturally strong, even for a Toraq. When coupled with Warlord’s Wrath an Ox is beyond the strength any other Toraq could ever hope to achieve, making them perhaps the strongest among the Toraq.

Of course, that is not all. They possess endurance that, while nothing compared to that of Vulture, is certainly something of note. It is coupled with a certain toughness that allows an Ox to rush the foe, take half a dozen wounds, then continue to fight as if nothing has happened.

Beast: Ox is bonded with great bison that dwarf their non-beast cousins. They are bigger, stronger, tougher and possessed of that strange intelligence that all Toraq beasts have. While most Toraq consider their Ox to be slightly slow in thought it is more a patience of thought, one passed down through generations of being simple bovines.

An Ox is more than capable of carrying a Toraq into battle, something that they do quite often. In a fight they make expert use of their horns, often lining them with Blood Weapons to increase both their versatility and usefulness. They often clad themselves in plates of blood as well, using them to shield themselves from enemies.

Blood Weapons: Ox does not use Blood Weapons in the most strict sense of the word. While most Toraq use their Blood Weapons as a sort of shifting defense across their body, Ox creates true armor, covering as much as they can when they rush into battle. It gives them even more toughness than normal for, while the armor may seem light, it is comprised of the same material as a Blood Weapon, making it abnormally strong and perfectly catered to the wearer.

Their weapons are incorporated into their armor, specifically their gauntlets. Whether it be blades along the forearm, studs on the knuckles or making their hands into literal maces, Ox favors an up close and personal assault. Most construct simple thrown projectiles of blood to be used when required but, whenever possible, prefer to use their blood to bludgeon foes into submission.

Leadership: In the past Ox was led by Dock, a now elderly Toraq with a long, magnificent beard. Dock has a truly massive number of scars, each a lesson from his past. Despite his great age Dock still remains one of the strongest in Ox and his Beast, Thunder, is massive, even when compared to the other Beasts. Both have long ago gained the white hair that marks their age.

Now the tribe is ran by Dock’s twin daughters, Holly and Dei and their Beasts, Tempo and Rumble. The two are surprisingly idealistic for the Toraq as well as far more social, actively reaching out to other races as they work together. They still enjoy a fight like the rest of the Toraq, just don’t tend to actively seek them.

Ox Tribe

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