Horse Tribe

Organization: The Horse Tribe is the first true Tribe among the Toraq and, as such, represents much of what they stand for. They represent strength, speed, brutality and skill. The Horse Tribe is nomadic, roaming across Galvastian lands as they put settlement after settlement to the sword, killing all those in their path. The Horse Tribe is incredibly calm among itself, treating the members with a fair amount of respect for Toraq.

Of all the tribes only Gecko surpasses Horse in cruelty. They never simply kill their foes. They kill the soldiers, rape the women, then work the children as slaves until none remain.

Those of Horse are typically closer to 7’ than 6, making them among the taller Toraq. They have tanned, leathery skin and all Horse wear their hair in a long braid to simulate the mane of a horse.

Attributes: Those among the Horse are best known for their horsemanship. Nobody in the world is a better horseman than a Toraq of the Horse Tribe and they are rarely seen on foot. They also possess uncanny agility and strength as well as much greater endurance than the norm. While not nearly as physically enhanced as most bonded Toraq, those of Horse more than compensate with their horsemanship.

Beast: The Toraq Beasts of Horse are, of course, horses. Great, nearly wild stallions that have thick hides, incredible endurance and a sort of determined madness that is rarely seen.

Blood Weapons: Among the Horse Tribe, three weapons are favored. The first is, of course, the bow. The Horse are uncanny archers, even from horseback, placing their Blood Arrows from hundreds of yards away with hardly any effort. Due to being mounted, Horse is able to make use of even greater bows than the other tribes.

The second are long-bladed spears. Unlike most that end in a simple point, Horse uses ones that have a long blade as well, allowing them to be used for both slashing and stabbing, giving far more versatility.

Finally, Horse favors curved blades, using them in quick, rapid slashing movements to literally cut those apart that get to close to the Toraq warriors.

The Toraq Beasts also make use of Blood Weapons, sprouting great bloody spikes in opportune locations or perhaps blades to make a ride by far more deadly. Their primary usage is as a simple horseshoe, modifying the shape and size unconsciously to mitigate the effects of the terrain on their speed.

Leadership: Currently Horse is led by Ien, Father of Stal. Ien is not the perfect example of one from Tribe Horse but he is close. He and Trak, his horse, are not the largest of Horse simply as they were not born that way. Trak has given birth to a good number of the Tribe Horse’s companions though, forever establishing her in a role of importance. Ien has led the tribe long enogh that his long braid has gone white. He is ever bit as vicious and cruel as the rest of Horse with a twisted cunning that only those that have lived long can have.

Horse Tribe

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