Handmaiden of Death

(Done by Mekhet as Sideshne dropped before writing this up. Using information from Sideshne)

The Handmaiden is an artificial soul made by Sideshne, acting as her servant and messenger. One way of describing this would be as a soul golem, not quite alive, not quite dead, not quite undead, but with advanced enough consciousness and sapience to make this easily forgotten. She has none of the normal issues undead have, but if an entity is warded to be protected from spirits, or a spot has wards against wayward spirits, she has trouble affecting them, taking far more effort. She talks only in the language of command, Truespeaking, so normally has to write out what she wishes to communicate on anything she is possessing to not accidentally cause chaos and strife.

The Handmaiden interacts with the world by possessing things. She normally limits this to dust and dirt, but anything can be possessed. Armor, trees, people, maybe even artifacts, and as an otherwise undefined soul, can have a lot of flexibility with the form she takes, even making several bodies at once. However, all of them are just extensions of the one soul, so if something damages or manages to destroy the soul in one body, it carries on to all bodies, and all bodies speak, act, and do the same things at once. However, this isn’t the main threat of the Handmaiden. No, that is if she speaks. She speaks only in the tongue of Truespeak, a language that forces the flesh that hears it to obey, no matter the command. An errant word could end with the deaths of many others, so she prefers to simply shift her current “body” around, forming words for others to read.

In order to prevent Sideshne’s true death, Mekhet split a shard of her power and life away from the Flawed Spark and implanted it in the Handmaiden. This has given her some of Sideshne’s memories, and she now can increase the strength of things she possesses. Due to no real test of her actual truespeaking capabilities, it is unclear if they have been boosted or if truespeaking has always been so strong. She is also head of the Winds of the Goddess Organization, currently being the only one to have a large amount of access to the Flawed Spark’s power and Sideshne’s mind. She protects other members actively, as she has guilt over failing to truly save her Mistress as she was, and they represent all that is left.

Handmaiden of Death

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