Guardians are the angelic protectors of the Human race. Created by Domi to protect his sister, Lady Aleru’s most prized creatures from the harm of other races. All Guardians are Lawful Good and have extremely limited free will. They have an overriding desire to protect Humans and all forms of good. They detest evil and will work tenaciously to see it rooted out.

Guardians stand nearly 10ft tall and have feathery wings which give them the ability to fly effortlessly. Guardians are few, though stalwart and resilient.

The Guardians are led by Arch-Paladin Trimmack, a mortal made in Domi’s image.

Domi has introduced the concept of a Code of Laws to all races, but specifically Humans and Guardians.

Domi has granted Healing Magic to members of all races who dedicated themselves to Good. All of Domi’s Guardians have the ability to use his divine healing magic.


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